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Please follow the following approach to introducing yourself:1.

New members constantly ask me how to get started here on the site, so we put together a post that hopefully, spells it out:How to Get Started on BiggerPockets.

I have been a wholesaler for a few years and want to learn how to transition into owning properties for... My wife and I are looking to begin our realestate portfolio here, but were having trouble finding deals in such an direct payday loan lenders no credit check aggressive market. Hello, I am new to BiggerPockets and after reading some posts, I think I have a lot to learn! My husband and I are looking into investing in rental property in the central Mass.

Hello everyone,I am a brand new investor in Michigan and am looking to network and connect with other like-minded individuals in the Metro Detroit area to continue learning all that I can, and purchasing that first... I was wondering loans online no credit check with instant approval if there was any other wholesalers or real estate investors on the Eastern Shore of Maryland that would like to connect or JV. My goal is guaranteed personal loan approval to purely build passive income that can help allow me to not need to work a 9-5 job. Well, that never happens with me with romantic partners. I am currently looking into buying my first rental property. I live towards the Barrow County area but i am looking to invest guaranteed personal loan approval towards the Gwinnett area. My name is Richard and I currently reside in the Sacranento area. I own one rental loans for vacation rental property property in San Diego, and am looking to expand. My wife and I moved to Orlando from NYC in late 2019 and are looking to start our family. Hi I am planing to Remodle a daylight basement on wa, lake one hour from Seattle to a vecation rental. Interested in multi-family payday loan companies online real estate and house hacking. I am looking to learn more and network with any local investor, contractors,...

Has anyone ever had a motorcycle as a real estate agent? My journey that brought me to these forums:During the COVID-19 pandemic, I realized... Haha The credit union I use (Space Coast Credit Union) told me my DTI was too high in... I know the market has been pretty hot overall this past year. With guaranteed personal loan approval that said, wanting to know if there are areas within the US where investors are still buying, cautiously buying or waiting for... I may have an opportunity to invest a very sizeable amount of money from the sale of a business and want your thoughts on how I should invest it.

I am currently working to get a property under contract for approx 170k in Palm Springs, Ca. Being that I have little to no capital upfront to allocate... My wife and I built our first home in Maryland, where we are currently stationed due to work. We are both active duty military and bound to move within the next 3-5 years. I have an extremely large duplex, each side 5 bed, 2 bath. A sober living business owner has approached me to rent half of the building. I think it would only make sense if they ended up renting both sides.

Find home for sale during winter here in Michigan as I would normally just go to the house and ask to speak with the owner, and 2. Each side of the house is separated from the floors and...

We specifically favorite Key West and Key Colony Beach in Marathon. Unfortunately, Key West appears to have pretty stringent rules on... This community seems to have a fairly low view of stock market investing which is fine, but I thought the following...

What are some ideas, activities, themes or formats that are beneficial to members. I set goals for myself to purchase 2 properties in 2019, done. I set goals for myself to purchase 3 properties in 2020, done.

I have goals to purchase 3 more properties this year. An old friend of mine is selling this style of apartment.

An old friend of mine is selling this style of apartment. I am a fairly experienced RE fella, but this one is exhausting me. Fortunately I do have the luxury of my parents paying for it but I still have a question:What... BiggerPockets is a content and technology platform with a mission to help ordinary Americans succeed in loans for holidays real estate investing.

Our content is consumed by millions of people every week, and we help investors succeed in all markets, and all economic conditions. The outputs of guaranteed personal loan approval this online personal loan application role should translate to increased subscription ARR and customer lifetime value by both increasing bookings and reducing subscriber churn. BiggerPockets is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for team members in which diversity is celebrated. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications and business need.

BiggerPockets is hiring a Senior Application Engineer to help us build software products, and help define technical strategy. As a Senior Application Engineer at BiggerPockets, you will build, test, and maintain our web application and API.

You will also help drive continuous improvements across the whole Engineering organisation by improving processes, tool chain, and architecture setting conventions and mentoring individuals.

Our mission is to empower people to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. We are hiring an Email Marketing Manager to lead the strategy and execution of our email program. Reporting guaranteed personal loan approval to the Director of Product Marketing, you will own our ESP (Iterable) and be responsible for fueling customer acquisition, engagement and revenue.

We are in growth mode and need someone who is willing to get their hands dirty. If you are passionate about email marketing and are looking to optimize and grow our email program, BiggerPockets is the place for you! BiggerPockets is a media business and technology platform with a mission to empower people to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. We are looking for someone who is excited by the opportunity to take the reins and expand both our virtual and in-person events. We are in growth mode and need someone who is willing to get their hands dirty, define and grow the events program, and bring their passion loan for vacation for connecting people through content, education, and networking opportunities to life.

BiggerPockets Publishing is seeking a real bad credit loans smart, hard-working, and dynamic Editorial Coordinator to help edit, organize, and manage book production, magazine production, and paid online content. The Editorial Coordinator will be responsible for hiring, managing, and paying freelancers for the publishing unsecured personal loans bad credit ok division at BiggerPockets, planning production and print timelines for how to get personal loan each content vertical, brainstorming story ideas, and assigning work to freelancers on a weekly basis. This job is perfect for a self-starter with experience in the guaranteed personal loan approval world of print and digital books and magazines and has a large network of freelance writers and editors to call upon. Any interest or experience in real estate is a plus! At BiggerPockets, our content is published with those who seek real estate and personal finance information in mind.

We strive to help people avoid mistakes, learn valuable tips, and make the best investing decisions possible. We work hard to bring together real estate experts, newbies, and everyone in between to gain the knowledge needed to reach their full potential.

Our expert writers are committed to sharing investment and financial insight with accuracy to the best of their knowledge. We thoroughly vet all our contributors to ensure they have real-life, in-the-field experience with the topics they cover.

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If you ever question the integrity of an informational guide, blog article, podcast episode, video, etc. BiggerPockets content is designed to provide general information regarding the subject matter covered. It is not intended to serve as legal, tax, or other financial advice related to individual situations. Goal of reviews: Provide factual, accurate, and unbiased information about products or services so readers are able to make more informed decisions regarding their real estate-related purchases. All products and services reviewed by BiggerPockets are thoroughly analyzed and vetted against specific criteria to ensure consistent and fair evaluation Gather factual specifications about the product or service through up-to-date primary sources (i. Yelp, Google Reviews, BBB, BiggerPockets Forums) Focus on generating value for the reader, i.

Any updates will need to be approved in accordance with the approval process set forth above. Any disputes with factual elements of reviews brought to the editorial staff by a consumer or the company offering the product or serviceshould be routed through the dispute process, which involves flagging the review for examination of its integrity and accuracy by emailing Specific criteria for reviews based on type of review (e. The editorial staff should not share its reviews, or the general content of its reviews, with any advertiser or company, or the general public, prior to approval. Scott Trench is the CEO and President of BiggerPockets. Scott has dedicated his career to helping ordinary Americans build wealth in part through real estate investing. Since joining BiggerPockets in 2014, Scott has authored wealth building book Set for Life and joined Mindy Jenson as a host of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast. He stays active in the BiggerPockets forums and contributed hundreds of articles, market analyses, and files to BiggerPockets. He has also contributed to other personal finance blogs, along with traditional news outlets including Time, CNBC, and NBC. Scott graduated from Vanderbilt University with degrees in Economics and History, local cash advance locations Corporate Strategy, and Finance. Brandon Turner is an active real estate investor who has been investing in real estate since 2007. He has written six real estate books, all of which can be found wherever books are sold and at the top of bestseller charts in the Business section.