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But the problem is, and this is the main message I want your listeners today to absorb and think about, and I pray that they are better prepared what type of installment loans are easy to get after a bk for next time. Andrew:So I think the businesses that were already engaged in alternative business models that lend themselves to a crisis have five, 10, even 15 steps ahead of the businesses that are coming unprepared. I come from a corporate background, and I talk a lot about doing risk management, about doing risk planning, about thinking about what your worst case scenarios are and having mitigation plans in place for them. And then of course, we had a real crisis to layer on top of that. I do think that small business owners, entrepreneurs, big businesses, they owe it to their ecosystem, to their employees, to their customers, to their supply chains, to their district distribution partners, to be thinking about the worst to assume that things like this may happen again. Andrew:Some businesses were more prepared for telecommuting and telework than others. I admit myself to not being as ready as I could be. Before I do that, you mentioned earlier a responsibility to employees, a responsibility to vendors. Bucket number one is when Ted Leonsis warms the capitals and the wizards or Mark Cuban who owns the Mavericks steps up and says while the stadiums are shut down, I will be paying the salaries of all of the stadium workers and the people that lay the floor and change it from a basketball to an ice hockey Stadium.

And they can afford to run a month or a month and a half of payroll. Andrew:Yesterday, I was on the call with a much smaller company, company down the southeast that may need to look at layoffs is wondering how to fast online cash loans handle the reduced cash flow. Andrew:The third bucket is of course the role of the payroll loans in quickbooks federal state and local government. You already saw some announcements last Friday legislation being passed by the House. Hopefully the Senate will sign off the president promises that he will sign as providing relief to certain types of hospitality, retail travel businesses. And we also were never set up to be a society that relies on the Federal government to bail out everybody and everyone every time something like this happens.

And then the third bucket is how much do you want to get relief for these layoffs. Government can withstand that, and not go out of business. If this U-shape gets elongated, or Fauci and his team are unable to suppress the curve fast online cash loans of coronavirus cases, we really could see pressures on resources together with back to what you said double digit negative GDP growth. Which could take us a lot longer to dig out of especially at a time where we have an election coming up this fall potential change in policy and administration and leadership, which is going to be disruptive no matter what.

J:Yeah, and you mentioned something there in your three buckets. Interest rates are basically zero, we could print a lot more money but then we run the risk of inflation.

The next obvious move is kind of legislation through Congress where basically we figure out how to provide subsidy or benefit directly to business owners, directly to consumers.

Do you have any thoughts on where that might be headed what the government might be thinking about doing or might do in the coming months to kind of help the economy along now that the Fed is pretty much out of ammunition? Andrew:Yeah, I think we over focus on the Fed sometimes. Now maybe that consumer will come back in the fall and buy that car. So will that interest rate really make a marginal measurable difference in their life compared to the got laid off need loan to pay bills reddit difference between fiscal and monetary policy? Andrew:And frankly, last night, the Fed did, what the White House asked it to do, and the markets have been anything but reassured by that move. I mean, they continue to be down very heavily as we speak. But one of the things that we tend to think about when we think about economic risks, is we think about that demand side slowdown.

We think about people are losing their jobs, unemployment is going up, people stop spending. Therefore, businesses obviously are slowing down not making as much money.

But in this case, we actually have something on the other side, we have a supply side constraint as well. There are definitely some supply chain issues that concerned me relative to access to prescription. People are back into manufacturing plants, I think that will continue. They seem to be … emphasize the word seem, on the other side of Fauci curve. Andrew:But we do seem to have more than adequate supply of everything. They are feeling very flush right now, because they do get a lot of their inventory from China. They said that their current inventory levels are higher than the norm. And that is a benefit as they sell through that inventory.

Of course, it could be a liability if consumer demand drops. Real estate Investing is known for a lot of things, mainly making a very select group of people a california payday loan whole lot of money. But being an online cutting edge experience is usually not one of those hallmarks.

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Tresta allows you to add local and toll free numbers with tons of co- management features that empower you to communicate smarter and more efficiently. Tresta is easy to configure, so you can set everything up yourself, all online. Tresta has got all the features you need to give a professional impression for your business, like call recording, auto attendance, user groups, and more, all included. And we realize that the world has sort of changed based on that event in ways that were, for the most part, unpredictable when it originally happened. And just as an example, we see everybody starting to work from home today. So reasonable prediction, that maybe in five or 10 or 20 years, we see this shift from people coming into the office to do jobs that could otherwise be done at home, to more people starting to work at home and seeing a shift in that direction. What types of shifts do you potentially see resulting in the next five, 10, 20 years based on this particular event?

If you look at social media, there are some pretty funny posts about our ability to have advanced quantum computers and send people to the moon and into space. And then the next morning was like really that was a lot of smoke about nothing.

This is not Y2K, this is not a hoax, but people are still probably taking it with a grain of salt and how much this will change their behavior.

I walked by both very crowded and uncrowded restaurants on my way in this morning, so it seems that it is affecting short term behavior. Andrew:I do think that there will be little things if we live in the city, we secured loans online have limited storage, might we look at having a little bit payday advance loans columbus ga more storage for next time around.

But we rely on China for a lot of things that if something like this happens, puts fast online cash loans our country at risk, do you see those supply chains changing? Do you see additional redundancy being put in place by some businesses? Do you see trade moving from China to other parts of the world? Perhaps Mexico, for example, where do you think that … what impact do you think this is going to have on trade and supply chain and our relationship with China?

Andrew:Yeah, if I were Mexico right now, I would be heavily promoting economic development access to manufacturing resources. And there being accusations that perhaps China has not made full disclosure with us as to how this all got started. So there are a lot of people in our audience that either are getting ready to start a business or have thought about starting a business, now which inventory loans are best for small is probably for a lot of reasons, not the best time to be starting a business. But if you do things intelligently, if you focus on recession resistant opportunities, maybe now is a good time to start putting those plans in place or maybe even launch something.

J:So for those people out there that are considering launching a business in the near future, what should they be thinking about?

Andrew:But that it just depends in part, like you said on the type of business, the timetable the business, is it retail versus non retail. For example, if you were going to be doing a remote technology training business that included zoom, you probably have thousands of potential customers that are ready to go tomorrow. So the demand curves are going to be choppy, depending on the nature of the business. We are going to see a spike in our unemployment rate and our underemployment rate. And many of those people will turn to entrepreneurship and small business. Because people have more time to business plan and they have more time to spend in the bedroom. Andrew:So I think we will see an uptick in babies and we will see an uptick in businesses born as well.

Assuming that we head into recession, assuming that banks start tightening up their lending, what should we be expecting in terms of financing for businesses either new businesses or existing businesses, maintaining liquidity? And what should we be doing right now to prepare for any shifts in the financing market for our businesses? Andrew:So this is hitting at a very interesting time. The treasury cash buildups of the Fortune 100, or fast online cash loans at the highest levels in the history of mankind. Companies like Apple, were sitting on some ridiculous number, 400 billion in cash, Google 300 billion in cash. Andrew:Small companies on the other hand, were operating with very little cash reserves. Anything that I could tap into cash that is being held by the larger companies. Andrew:And this is a great point that was made over the weekend. The biggest difference between 2008 and today, is our banks are strong. Our banks are strong in response to the legislation that was passed into Dodd-Frank. Andrew:And so this is happening at a time when banks do have money to lend.

Andrew:It is not a great time to be raising equity capital, a lot of equity capital, venture capital angel investors are all on the sidelines. Andrew:So venture capital private equity, the problem is, private equity smells blood in the water.