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While I am sceptical about this predicted crash in Indian real estate prices it is certainly an interesting topic. With a large population and expanding economy, why do some people doubt the short to medium term performance of Indian real estate?

Is it simply down to the distribution of wealth amongst the population? PETALING JAYA: The weakening ringgit and unabating political issues in the country are affecting consumer sentiment and negatively impacting the local retail sector. The weak ringgit is affecting the cost of goods due to higher import cost, according to Retail Group Malaysia (RGM) managing director Tan Hai Hsin. Higher import costs are affecting all retail sectors, from grocery stores, restaurants, fashion stores, furniture stores, electrical and electronics stores. The current political situation is affecting the consumer sentiment level or buying mood of Malaysian consumers.

They are frustrated, confused and are uncertain of their future in this country.

For the first two months after GST, consumers had been holding back on their purchases to observe the price movements of the retail goods and services. They were also waiting for more promotions by retailers. In addition, the confusion (such as service charges for food and beverage, Telco top-up cards, last minute announcement of products to be tax exempted, sudden increase in taxi fares) caused by the Government was one of the main causes for this drop in retail sales.

Tan said consumers were frustrated by the conflicting messages by different Government departments and chose to delay their purchases. Nevertheless, they are still crowded during peak hours and on weekends.

At the same time, trendy cafes cater to las vegas cash advance the young are still popular, especially on weekends. For the first two weeks of Ramadhan, sales were slow. Last month, the Malaysia Retailers Association lowered the projected retail sales growth rate in 2015 for the third time from 4.

It said consumers had been holding back on spending since the end of 2014 ahead of GST. Considering the situation now in Malaysia, we should open oursleves with oversea investment opportuities. Consider about property in Philippines, the market has started bad credit installment loan lenders booming since 2012, the latest CBD in Manila like BGC is much much better than KL from every perspective.

You may refer to (moderated) for more information and check their growth online. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the Malaysia property market in the short to medium term - decent prospects? This las vegas cash advance new section of the Totally Property forum has been created to service the growing demand for overseas real estate can i get home repair loan if i dont own house investments in North America, South America and fast cash till payday the Caribbean.

Make sure that the property is free and clear, properly owned by the entity that hired you to manage it. As you do whatever maintenance and renovations you both agreed were necessary to make the place livable, document absolutely everything that happens. Replace all of the locks that take a key — even the ones on the garage — and change all of the passwords and combinations on all alarms and combination locks. Change out the filters on your HVAC units, and use an air compressor or strong vacuum to clean out the ducts. If the resultant cloud makes a mess around the registers, be prepared to sweep, mop, or vacuum up afterwards.

Start them off clean, and nudge the tenant toward keeping up on them. Getting a professional carpet shampooer will save you a decent chunk of money in the long run, as will learning to do your own cleaning of the blinds. Weed the yard, remove garbage, repair or remove cracked or dangerous walkways, and freshen up the steps up to the doors. When you are ready to follow these payday loans jacksonville fl 9 steps, this can be a great way to create wealth. It is definitely a must to consider it before taking the plunge into property investment.

Thanks for posting such a piece of informative information. I really appreciate your efforts put on these steps. If someone needs any other guidance for real estate investment please visit Westrom Group Real Estate cash advances for bad credit I find these lists very helpful - when you see the information written down you think thats obvious but you dont always remember Thank you for sharing! However, It is not possible to do all the things all by yourself. I believe a field service company could offer better prices for real estate maintenance I think it is sensible to save money where you can do a task yourself but, like you say, for things which need an expert, get an expert. I dont know how many times my DIY has gone wrong at home and cost more to fix than if I had hired an expert at the start!

I think it is sensible to save money where you can do a task yourself but, like you say, for things which need an expert, get an expert. I dont know how many times my DIY has gone wrong at home and cost more to fix than if I had hired an expert at the start! I live outside of the USA, and am thinking of investing in a Duplex in the Poinciana area, especially around Palmetto St. I spent a few days in the area speaking to neighbors as well as property management companies and they all have positive things to say. I also managed to find a relatively new duplex that is reasonably priced and close to schools and hospitals near Palmetto St.

No one seems to say it explicitly, but there is a strong sense that all of Poinciana is a bad place, which is stopping me from making an offer on the property.

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Hi, I just joined the forums and am wondering if there is anyone in the New Orleans Market? I am originally from Australia and have a small portfolio there but found the US so much better for investments so moved to New Orleans. I run a real estate wholesaling and investing company here. I am from the UK but would be very interested to learn about the US and what people think about the prospects for property over there. I think its to early to call what will happen with the US property market as there are still so many unknown variables. The most likely scenario is payday loans fort wayne that there will be a crash. How big will depend on how fast employment after the crisis. Personally I am preparing for the crash and will look to buy properties subject to existing financing during the fall and when it starts to bottom start buying as many BRRR properties as I can. I think those who have liquidity available when needed will find loads of bargins over the coming weeks and months. The key will be not to try and fine tune it too much as when the market does bottom out it will probably rebound fairly quickly. Ideally, buy just before the bottom when sellers are still in control.

That being said I think the probability of that is low and its likely even if lockdown ends there will be lots of conditions and fast cash till payday the risk of another outbreak will exist. If this keeps unemployment high then we could be in for a full blown crash. The big unkown is how the current and future government stimulus will affect this. This is a huge unknown so I have difficulty making any prediction. I am just being cautious now, trying to buy at deeper discounts and making sure I have multiple exit strategies on deals. I would be interested to hear of you exit strategies as many investors are struggling just now. The bridging loan market is a major concern as many property owners will struggle to roll these over and refinance with a traditional mortgage (on an expected higher value where development has been undertaken). Bridging loans is an area whcih appears to have been over looked. The first point is that buying at a discount opens up the exit strategies. I market so that I get direct to seller in off-market deals. I look for distress and problems to solve so the fact that investors are struggling is good for me. I often wholesale my deals, so assign the contract to another investor for a spread. I will lease option a deal, which works really well if you bought on owner-financing or bought it subject to the existing financing. In terms of a flip, I want to make sure that if the market dips it works as rental.

So buying at a discount and having these different exit strategies helps protect your downside risk. For me if the market crashes that is a good thing and I will ride the market cycle all the way through.

Are you seeing the re-emergence of distressed selling in the US property market? As we move towards the presidential elections it looks as if we will have more and more friction between the Republicans and the Democrats. As someone living in the UK looking at the news from America, it looks like the USA is a split country? The real estate market in Mumbai is increasing at a faster rate, what could be the possible reason and do you fast cash till payday think the prices of the real estate will reduce in near future? The real estate market in Mumbai is increasing at a faster rate, what could be the possible reason and do you think the prices of the real estate will reduce in near future?

As per experts talking: Housing and real-estate will attract lots of investors in Mumbai. Developers will buy huge tracts of land in Panvel and other locations to develop townships.

The real estate market in Mumbai is increasing at a faster rate, what could be the possible reason and payday loans new orleans do you think the prices of the real estate will reduce in near future? I believe the real estates prices fast cash till payday are gonna increase day by day as their is a huge demand in the real estate market and lot of consumers are looking for different facilities in these new projects. Mumbai is a city which is building some amazing structures presently, for eg. The World Towers, which is a landmark in Indian Real Estate. Apart from Mumbai, people are also investing in Hill stations like khandala and Lonavla as the flats and even Row houses are being offered at less price.

Mumbai nearby areas will be good option to invest in real estate and demand will increase proportionally. Real fast cash till payday estate projects in India take a long time to complete due to a complicated and corrupt regulatory mechanism.

A fall of that nature woud ruin the local financial system not to mention the local economy. Prices are likely to remain stagnant and developers will continue to focus on clearing existing inventory rather than launching new projects as they continue to grapple with regulatory changes like Real estate Personally, I think the idea of mopping up current supply is the perfect way to create a long-term growth market. Drip feeding the supply into the market, together with new supply, is a recipe for disaster. When do you think that prices will start to loans for vacation home recover?

What are the up and coming areas around Mumbai that we should be looking at?

Are property investors starting to look outwith the centre of Mumbai? It is also due to the fact that it is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. Mumbai is a city that has gone through immense development in the last few decades.