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Looking for books, podcasts, and anything to help... Hello, Invested in US for the past 11 years and now looking to learn a bit more about the opportunities in the international real estate. What are some of your favorite international investing books or resources or... Hi everyone, I am currently a wholesaler in San Diego, which is 15 minutes away from the border of Tijuana, Mexico. I am going to be wholesaling in Mexico as well and I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience... I am moving to Portugal in March 2019 and wanted to connect with fellow Property investors....

Hello BP,My in-laws and a few relatives own 10 hectares on virgin beach land in Cebu Philippines.

They were born in the Philippines and are living in the US as American citizens. Looking forward to connect with real estate investors who are investing in the Philippines or thinking of exploring the opportunities especially those in the rental and commercial space.

I am considering possibly starting my investment portfolio in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Housing and labor is cheaper there, which will allow me to start investing relatively quickly. Hi BP fast cash loans no credit check members - I am interested in learning your opinion about the rental market for San Miguel De Allende in Mexico.

I did a trip from Mexico all the way to Puerto Vallarta last year and did stay at San Miguel for 2... Hey BP,My grandfather recently passed away (Filipino) and he left me land walking distance from University of Antique. Hi there, I am looking to invest in an apartment in either Vilnius, Kaunas (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia) or Talinn (Estonia). After initial research, I believe the Baltic countries still offer good growth perspectives,...

Hello,Has anyone on the forum bought or sold residential properties in the Caribbean?

Thanks in advance, Paul Hello,I am an american living in Paris and I have recently started investing in real estate. I have purchased three apartments in the last two years (in Paris and Marseille) and am looking for more! Because International travel and real estate investing is a great interest to me, I thought I would introduce myself and hope to start a conversation on options for the favorite... Goal would be a small unit, close to the beach, where I can live a few months and rent out the rest. We moved to the Seattle area almost 4 years ago and... Is there anyone out there that is currently hosting one on the south end around king county or would like to start a... First post here from a new investor in the Seattle area. Is anyone else having problems getting rentals filled? Happy to do walks or grab a meal if you are interested. I recently moved to the Everett area and hoping to connect with like-minded people who... Made an offer on a property and placed Earnest Money with Escrow. The Seller never provided a Residential Real Property Disclosure (Form 17), as per Chapter 64. Hi everyone,I wanted to make this post because my parents are planning on selling their home in Snohomish and are moving to Idaho. They are planning on selling the house by themselves but I think they should hire an...

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Here are my thoughts - either Lake Stevens, Everett, Marysville or Kent, Auburn, Puyallup.

I have foreign investor fast cash loans no credit check capital lined up to buy vacant lots and build new roughly 1,750 sqft homes in the Greater online payday loans in california Seattle Area, including Tacoma and Everett, and am looking for feedback as to whether or not my... Hi I am looking for a contractor referral in the pierce county area.

Mostly small stuff like paint and flooring but also a few bigger items like opening up a wall for a hallway to pass thru and moving a hot water... I relocated to Seattle about 4 years ago and have been living on Eastside with my wife and 2 kids (4 and 7).

Have been lurking on BP for some time now and Q4 of 2020 was the final push to get started. Getting started as a real estate agent in the Greater Seattle Area in Q1 and setting the goal to begin investing in the... The house fast cash loans no credit check is currently a rental in good shape with okay cash flow. We are currently looking to purchasing our first home in the Greater Seattle area. With the new skytrain extension being built along Fraser Hwy development is booming and looks like a good opportunity to invest! Is there any pros and cons for buying a pre-paid leasehold? However, I do not have the income requirements to get the loan approval. My plan is to either do airbnb with the property or rent it out...

Hi All,My wife and I bought our first property (townhouse) in 2016 in Richmond, BC where we are currently living with our 4-year-old son. We also bought another property (house in North Vancouver) in 2017 when our... We are preparing to buy the defaulted note on a home in Vancouver WA and wondering if there is anyone local to the area that could do payday loans open on sunday a drive by? What markets nearby to Vancouver, WA, USA (and not in Oregon) should I be looking at if I want to purchase a long-term residential rental in summer or fall 2018? Housing prices in the area are currently elevated such... We will be in town for a few days and would love to connect! We jumped into real estate investing this spring and only recently found Bigger Pockets. I work in urban planning and have been thinking a lot about the ripple effects of the new waterfront development in...

I tried going to a CCRA (Clark County Rental Association) Meeting and now one was there.

Just wondering if anyone is apart of it and what do you think about it? Hello all, thanks for taking the time to check out my post. I want to conduct business with others who have a strong sense of ethics and... Hi everyone, this is Yang and I just step into the rental property investment as my first try :).

In this 4000 car repair loan texas section it has flooring throughout, wood paneling for 2 walls (painted cinder block for 2... Hello BP members,I plan on moving to the Milwaukee area and would like to buy my first multifamily property. It seems that there is no shortage of properties over 100 years old in the Milwaukee area and... Hi,Wondering if any members are running CBRF in Milwaukee or other special housing such as group homes or rooming houses.

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Hey every, just am closing on my payday loans austin tx first investment property in Milwaukee! Very excited to be in the long distance real estate gang, but am curious if people have any pointers after I close. Hello all, I am currently new to the Milwaukee area wholesaling scene, and I would like to ask others who are in the area about any methods (On-Market or Off) that have worked for you on securing deals that you can...

I am new to the Milwaukee, WI area looking to build a network. Wondering if anyone has bought properties from the City of Milwaukee? Does anyone have any recommendations on banks that are knowledgeable regarding FHA loans? Are there any investors or Realtors on this forum that either own or help investors buy properties to use as short term rentals? I am in the Milwaukee, WI area looking to do some fix and flips to get some money together for buying rental properties. I need to use hard money am looking for the best lenders with the best terms. My property here in Milwaukee has an interesting situation. I inherited two tenants living downstairs who have been smoking in the unit. The smell is totally overwhelming even with the HVAC upgrades.

I live in California, and have been listening to the podcasts and absorbing every bit of education I can for the past few months and finally pulled the trigger last night and made an offer on a triplex in... We are very unhappy with our current on-the-ground management... The issue i have is that I am not familiar with Milwaukee and was hoping that you could spare a few minutes to help... I am considering buying out of probate and my initial research indicates court auction may be bypassed if all heirs agree to it, along with the PR of course. The market there is insanely competitive right now, and understandably so. Hey Everyone, Looking at buying a place near Savannah or Charleston area for Airbnb and was wondering where you would recommend? Hi All, My father has a house in downtown Clarksburg that we are about to possibly "buy back" as the buyer on the seller financed loan he sold to has defaulted. The house went up for sale at auction on the county... Are there any real estate investor clubs in the area? Or are there in BP members that meet here regularly? Hi, I am looking to get in touch with small dollar loans in nc real estate investors, flippers, re-habbers in the area regarding our construction debris hauling and was wondering the best route to do so. I have right of first refusal to an associates property in Charleston. I figured I would make use of this awesome feature and grow the Charleston WV Network of Investors. Being only one other post in this realm of BPs it might go on dears. Hello fellow South Carolinians, I am attempting to file my Doing Business As (DBA) and working my way through registering at the multiple counties and municipalities that require a business license. Hello fellow South Carolinians, I am attempting to file my Doing Business As (DBA) and working my way through registering at the multiple counties and municipalities that require a business license.

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Looking for network connections with local agents in Charleston, SC area. Hello everyone,Quick background on me, I grew up around real estate and have always had a special love for the business as a whole. I graduated a year ago, and have since locked down a corporate job and have again... I am a MASSIVE Packers fan and made my first trip to Green Bay for a game back in December. Hi all - Selling a property north of Green Bay, are there any FB groups that I can share the property details in? I have an inherited property in Sobieski that currently is empty.

Unfortunately, a pipe broke this week and while the plan is to sell the property in the Spring, my question is: Does anyone have recommendations for... Looking for a reliable, trustworthy and reputable broker in Green Bay, Wisconsin who is willing to work with investors. Best,Aaron I am curious if anyone has a property management company in the GB area and what their experiences have been? Hey Everyone,I am newer to BP and trying to soak in as much information as I possibly can from forums and podcast.

A lot of them say networking is key so I will be trying to do that. Building business credit has been something that has come up a lot when I have been looking for doing deals. Basically to start from nothing I have learned that my business needs to be set up as an LLC, has its own... Hello all,I was interested in gathering some info from experienced investors in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

I am currently looking in the Cheyenne, WY area for my first investment property (preferably a residential multifamily). I am in the process of trying to acquire contacts in the area seeing that I have never... Thanks to everyone who attended the open house at 6th Avenue on May 11, 2016. It is always fast cash loans no credit check great to see everyone and talk about our successes (and trials)! A special thanks to Cheryl Packham for coordinating the meet... Any information on MLOs that work with investors in this area would be... Preferably someone who what personal loans are easy to get approved for has done small multi-family. I have my license in CO and am spoiled rotten as far as the fees go 20 per month and 250 per... Hello everyone, My name is Matt and I am relatively new to the area and real estate investing. I currently own two homes, one in Texas that I rent out and one here in Cheyenne that I live in.

Hi everyone,I am a newbie to real estate investing but have been reading up and improving my knowledge on the market for a couple of months and came across BP. The reason I decided to purchase my first property in the... I have a great agent, and will be filtering through deals.

I am currently under F1 Visa status (Student Visa) and get my green card within a year.