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Personally I think it is only a matter of time before the EU collapses completely If Germany decides to pull out of the European Union then quite simply that is the end of the project.

The forthcoming UK exit from the European Union is damaging but in isolation not a killer blow. I agree but the German people are fed up and as you say if Germany pulls out then it is the end of the EU. Better for the UK then to be out of it before that happens. I appreciate there will be difficulties when the UK eventually pulls out of the European Union but why would the European Union not want to trade with the UK when the UK buys far more goods from Europe than Europe buys from the UK. Surely there are more European jobs at risk than fast cash bad credit UK jobs? As the UK nears the conclusions of what many believe will be a very messy divorce from the EU, does Germany stand to gain the most from an economic standoint? If so this will surely create opportunities in the German real estate market? On the flipside, there is growing resistance to Germany taking in any more immigrants when other EU memebrs seem reluctant to do so. Will we see a change in the princple of Free Moverment within the EU? If so, would the UK we welcomed back with open arms thereby rebalancing the power within the EU? There is a lot to consider but either way Germany will still be the leading light within the EU. Sure, EU still have challenges, but only in the last year the rents in big German cities almost doubled.

There are concerns that the German economy will suffer when the UK leaves the EU and the impact can i what is an unsecured installment loans use school loans to pay bills a no deal Brexit would have on the German car market. I also see that the German economy has been weakening of late - will the property markets slow down after a good couple of years? I assume it will, because this slope is way too big. The growth is limited and sooner or later it will slow down.

The question is if it is like a bubble which bursts or stagnating at one point? I prefer a slow bubble deflation as opposed to the boom and bust we have seen in years gone by. Boom and busts always go too far on the downside and the upside.

A gradual devaluation feels more controlled if that makes sense - more thought out.

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Around 12 years ago, I bought a property in Berlin. This means the party who hires the agency needs to pay it. Are there any other elements of the German market which differ from the UK? I think many people automatically assume a like for like situation when dealing in foreign markets. They take advantage of your lack of knowledge fast cash bad credit and charge way higher prices. This law is commonly known among tenants and if you charge a rent which is too high, the tenant can argue with this law. There is one reason how the landlords can avoid this restriction.

If they modernize the apartment, you can charge a higher rent. But the costs should be one third of the property price. If you are interested in this topic, check out what Axelius is doing in German cities. They charge fast cash bad credit higher prices, but argue with costs for modernization (even if there are doubts how big their costs really are). Ah I see what you mean - if you dont know what the laws are then you are not going to complain. If nobody complains then the potentially illegal rental increases go unchecked. But compared to other countries Malta still has an opportunity for a good life style I think. But compared to other countries Malta still has an opportunity for a good life style I think. I have known Malta for over 20 plus years as I worked for a Maltese company many moons ago. For some reason, I have an eye for good investment.

Regarding Malta I am not sure yet if I want something for investment...

How can we ensure that this be guaranteed, under Italian law? It is ok them telling you it will be extended but how much will it cost to extend it? I would strongly advise appointing an Italian lawyer to work on your behalf. Our preferred area is La Drova, just outside Gandia, some 40 minutes from Valencia. My husband and I also wish to move to Spain in the Oliva area and the only thing stopping us is our dancing. If you are considering a permanent move to this area of Spain then I would be very hesitant in endorsing a move to La Drova. As charming as this area is, driving to and from Gandia where you will need to be for supermarkets, shopping, banking, hospitals, dentists, doctors, vets, restaurants, bars, cafes and the beautiful Gandia beaches, can be an absolute nightmare.

It fast cash bad credit is not just a case of going off to the local shop. The nearest shop is in Barx some 2 kms drive with limited stock and a hazardous walk by road. The mountain road is need a payday loan in good order but hazardous to say the least. There are frequent accidents which occur on one of the many blind bends with road closures resulting in an equally hazardous 34 km detour via Simat and Tavernes. During winter months and heavy rain, there are often landslides of red sandstone and fallen trees. On occasional mild weekends and in summer the road is full of numerous cyclists - so unless you are a good driver with a sense of humour who does not mind blind hairpin bends, I would suggest that this daily payday loan rates drive if required will take its toll on you and your car eventually.

La Drova sits literally in the mountains on a narrow plain.

Owing to its height above sea level, the temperature is approximately 3 to 5 degrees lower than Gandia at any time. You will most definitely require heating during the evenings and a heated pool is a must. Damp is also a major issue with no damp proof courses.

Rainfalls are common when surrounding areas receive none and there are more properties for sale here than in any other local area - which must tell you something. Owing to the location and its limitations, broadband is only on a rural basis with frequent disruption. During rainstorms local urban roads become major escape routes for water from the mountains and are naturally hazardous. Owing to its isolation there are frequent burglaries.

Buying a house on the wrong side of the road can also be a nightmare. If you do decide to move there make sure you visit at all times of the day otherwise you may find your property only gets to see the sunshine for a couple hours only. Properties have dropped considerably in price owing to the economic crisis and are much cheaper than other areas of the Spanish Costas because of the location. Whilst some advocate fast cash bad credit the natural beauty of the area there are many other stunning areas without the hazards. If you decide this is your location, bear in mind you have to live with the inconveniences every single day.

Think carefully and visit in the winter to get the real picture.

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I lived in La Drova for four years and was lucky to sell. The Blog above was brought to my attention recently by a Spanish friend who was appalled by the one-sided tirade made against La Drova by the unamed writer.

As a Briton who has lived in La Drova for the past seven years, I felt equally offended by the lop-sided view and felt that some fair redress should be made.

Of course, the obvious comment after reading the Blog above is: why anyone at all would choose to live in La Drova or its environs - if it was such a dreadful place? In fact, there are some 200 foreigners (the largest number of whom are Britons) living in La Drova and this is complimented by around 1,200 Spaniards who live in the village of Barx. For a coastal mountain valley, this is a healthy local population and reflects well upon the area given the trend (particularly amongst the Spanish) of populations moving out of their rural villages for urban areas.

La Drova is an estate that has grown up organically from a tiny village based around an ancient monastery (now turned into pretty housing). The estate was originally mainly comprised of Spanish second homes which were used for holidays and weekends.

However, over taking loans to pay rent the past ten years this has changed as international buyers have bought into La Drova and an increasing number of Spaniards have decided to live permanently on the estate. This generated considerable building (some good and some poor) within which there are a selection of properties appropriate for both permanent and holiday living. The sides of the surrounding mountains are covered in pines, orange trees, olives and harsh ever cash advance ca fast cash bad credit green vegetation and form part of an extensive national park within which construction is forbidden. Critically, some 2 kms from La Drova lies the village of online cash loans no credit check Barx which has administrative control over La Drova. This is important to anyone living here - not least because the community as whole is integrated both socially and through its complimentary infrastructure.