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Would love to hear from those who rehab or build spec homes on where you like to source your main materials... Cabinets, Windows, doors, flooring, lighting, plumbing etc.. Hi Everyone,My name is Shimon, and I am new to real estate investing. I Did my where can i get a payroll loan without a checking account research and decidedto invest in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I plan to start by purchasing SFHs, in A-B class areas with a budget of120K... Looking to add some value and share some knowledge. I purchased my first real rental this weekend and it has a terrible cat urine smell throughout the house. I am have ripped up the carpet, and padding to find old linoleum flooring on top of the subfloor. Are these just cheap windows (casement windows, Lincoln Windows) that need... I live in Highland Park now and have a 3 unit there. I heard about a product called Rhino Shield that has a 25 year warranty but has only been on the market for about 10 years. Am under contract with a single family home that I plan on adding a bedroom to. Hello, I was interested to see if anyone knew of a meet up that is in or around Westmoreland County? Hi, Im looking to move some money from stocks over to real estate.

I have been reading up as much as I can but havent started building a team yet.

Anyway, theres a house Im interested in buying with cash thats had...

Hey BP, Tax season is right around the corner and another year went by that I did not track my bills! I would like to find a software that I could start using that will help me track my real estate income and... I just purchased my first property and the house came with many more problems then the inspection report found. I have a contract for a fix and flip house but I figured out the arv is much lower than I thought. Can I back out of my contract cash advance michigan with the seller with no repercussions? Good evening,I am looking at a single mobile home placed in an okay subdivision. However it is very close to above average schools, walking easy to get loans with bad credit distance from town , church, bank, and fast food places. Painted over wall paper - used a belt sander with 60 grit, then a skim coat mud, then normal paint prep.

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I know the market has been pretty hot overall this past year. With that said, home loans for vacation property wanting to know if there are areas within the US where investors are still buying, cautiously buying or waiting for... We are currently working on a flip and are picking out... I have a strategy I call out of state turnkey residential investing or "OOS TK SFR". We have all our properties in this model and have great experiences for several year now. Considering the uncertainty with the power grid, climate change, and likelihood or unlikelihood of... The goal is to purchase more properties over the years mainly... Hello All, I have easy to get loans with bad credit been hearing about rental properties in states like Tennessee, Arkansas, and Michigan that are remodeled and under 100k. I have to think of something for the Something Hi All,I am a soon to become landlord. I will be house hacking and therefore my face will be known to the folks renting the 2nd unit. I would prefer if possible for them not to know that I am... I am currently an 18 year old high school senior in Pittsburgh PA! I have been reading and listening to every bit of information I can gather right now so I can make an informed decision on my next move. I am wrapping up a renovation on a BRRRR deal and wanted some input on which toilet to install.

Any recommendations on a reliable yet affordable model at Home Depot? I always tell investors to spend their time educating,... I will like to know how you guys think his administration will affect Real Estate and Investors.

I have listened to diverse opinion on this from folks that are not investing in Real Estate but I will like to hear from... I feel silly poor credit loan lenders asking this question, but my wife and I have been struggling to compare our investment options. Painted over wall paper - used a belt sander with 60 grit, then a skim coat mud, then normal paint prep. I read an Article and it kind of made me think twice about buying a rental property anytime soon. However, began to notice that is a split on whether open or closed is more... A tenant is asking me if I can install a fence in the backyard because his dog cheap payday loans online easy to get loans with bad credit keeps running into the woods.

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Hello all,So I have a few qualified applicants and one gentleman asked if I would allow a cat. I have heard of them peeing every where and that... I was screening possible tenants in Nevada for a house, and I got a call from a group who all had very low income and loose-ties. I am currently under contract for tow studio houses and a two car garage for 42k. Each get cash till payday house has its own septic tank and one has an aerator.

Good morning and I hope everyone had a nice fourth of July despite the pandemic. I currently own and self manage properties in towns where residents of those towns (tenants and homeowners alike) are required to... Why do I feel like Tarek Elmoussa is paying way too much for the houses he flips on his tv show? I watched this episode where he actually paid 420k for a house... My wife and I are currently working on closing our first duplex. Since this is our first rental property we need advise on which term length is...

He said there was a power surge and got the lights working. Just about to start a complete renovation of a rental property I purchased this week, one of the things the property needs is a new kitchen. This is the first time replacing a kitchen so I have a few questions personal loans for no credit and...

Anyone else get frustrated by those HGTV shows that make it look so easy to flip a home? Flipping a home is a business and like any other - it requires knowledge and planning to actually be successful. Cheers Hi BP,We all know the stress that 2020 has brought upon us all. Something that just says thank you for hanging in there and things will be better! We are starting the process of developing a vacant piece of property. I wanted to document it start to finish to hopefully help someone else along the way and also allow us to easy to get loans with bad credit look back at our success... Is anyone out there seeing cash flow with single family home investing? Are we ignorant to avoid cash-flowing multi-family properties? My husband and I are newbies to real estate investing and we are... I give them my insight, but would like to know how other people are answering any of these...

I noticed some BiggerPockets members asking about the rising cost in lumber and plywood, and given my background, I figured I wood (haha) weigh in on this subject.

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I currently work for a lumber company and I primarily...

I debated for 20 minutes on whether this question is appropriate for this forum and best I could come up with is "maybe"! I suppose it could be said that I am very early on in my RE investing and... We have had two seriously fantastic high interest personal loans for bad credit deals slip out of our hands at the last minute. I have been watching the last 4 months in absolute awe. Unemployment is through the roof, businesses are going bankrupt, most people are staying home not spending money yet the stock market and Real Estate market are...

There are not enough houses to go around and I think I know why. Some cash advance payroll loan have suggested the pandemic has caused the low inventory in housing, but with interest rates so low and houses selling above asking, why would any... And the numbers people (eh hem, Brandon) are not realistic IMHO. I know I keep seeing and hearing about people who start with little or no money. My husband and I decided recently that we need to come up with a real plan to build wealth for our family. Sometimes I just want to relax and take a break, but this is when the game.

We have had some plumbing issues and the kitchen ceiling has been removed, treated for mold etc. I secretly love it when people get (slightly) angry at me when they find out what I paid for a property. I tell them I bought it and am going to fix it up, and they usually say either they or someone else has been trying to buy it for a while. THEN they find out what I paid and you can really see it in their eyes! I had another guy shook his head and said "man you stole it! I tell them I bought it and am going to fix it up, and they easy to get loans with bad credit usually say either they or someone else has been trying to buy it for a while.