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Written by our property finance partner, this guide aims to walk you through the most common finance options available. It is essential reading to get your property finance knowledge up to speed. From mortgages for Buy-To-Let, Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), Holiday Lets to Commercial Mortgages, clear cash loans Bridging Finance and Development Finance, this book explains what projects best suit each finance option, as well as incorporating some handy case studies. About 300 investors are furious that the development company mortgaged the online loan services properties to pay construction costs despite many of them being paid for in full in advance. The investors, who point out that they are ordinary people, not businessmen or large scale investors, are concerned that they will not seen any of the money they invested in the Pirin Park project because the future of the enterprise in Bansko now appears uncertain.

They have formed the Pirin Park Resort Residential Association which is involved in negotiations aimed at resolving the mess with the construction companies and other parties involved. They claim that a combination of bad circumstances, poor management and corruption have combined to leave them in the lurch.

Their anger is directed in particular against Bulgarian Development UK, a British based company, for using their money as a bank guarantee. The Bulgarian Development Company says it has faced problems but it has not been involved in any financial mismangement. It has insisted that it was obliged to adopt such measures in order to pay the MRI construction company in full and that complications cropped up when MRI stopped work and now the project has stalled despite investors paying in advance. It is now likely that the Bulgarian Development Company will declare bankruptcy. This could mean the investors may not get their money unless a buyer is found to take over clear cash loans the project. The investors believe that the Bulgarian courts are unable to help them. They have also looked at European law to see if they have any kind of recourse. Ultimately they are worried that properties which have been fully paid for from the beginning and should belong to their rightful owners could be requisitioned and sold on to someone else. Residential property prices in Bulgaria will start to stabilise later this year and move towards recovery in the first half of 2010, according to the latest report from Colliers International.

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The Bulgarian property market was considered one of the top property investments a couple of years ago but has suffered in the economic downturn and from an oversupply money to loan of apartments in popular resorts like Sunny Beach and Bansko. The worst fall in prices has been along the Black Sea coast. Although demand for property in Bulgaria has fallen in recent years, the fact that construction levels have dropped in Bulgaria, means that the existing oversupply of residential stock is still being absorbed, thus easing some of the pressure on the market.

While the report is upbeat clear cash loans other factors are unlikely to help the property recovery in Bulgaria. Banks who have taken over properties from loan defaulters are now offloading them cheaply at auctions.

Banks are also demanding higher incomes from loan applicants. Research from consultants the Credit Center shows that the amount needed for a mortgage has doubled in the last year from 1,000 to 2,000 leva.

But the centre reports that loan volumes are expected to increase later this year as cheaper prices tempt buyers into the market.

UK investment firm Madara Bulgarian Property Fund, a company listed on the London Stock Exchange, confirmed that work has halted on its Bulgarian Black Sea Gardens project while it seeks investment money to continue. Could this impact investment in the Black Sea in the future? The firm has been hard hit by the global real estate downturn. There are also questions being asked about the environmental impact of best personal loans for bad credit reviews the massive resort.

Environmentalists are raising concerns despite the fact that the design is described as eco-friendly and aims to be carbon neutral. The residential clusters are tightly packed clear cash loans and integrated into the contours of the landscape, preserving the majority of the site as virgin terrain. But according to the Bulgarian environmental partnership, For the Nature, the area is under threat from over development.

The group claims that the area s seaside habitat including dunes, rocks, estuaries, lagoons and forests could be harmed by such a large development. Currently the Bulgarian government completely ignores its obligation to the nature conservation directives for these protected sites. Consequently many of the supposedly safeguarded zones are on their way to being destroyed by thousands of small and large construction projects, a spokesman said. Authorities seem unconcerned that public opinion polls show an overwhelming concern for preserving these areas, he added.

Madara is now seeking investment partners but the real estate outlook in Bulgaria is gloomy.

But a look at the analysis in more detail reveals the full extent of the property crisis in a country that was once very popular short term lender with foreign property investors. Vassilev told a news conference that the outlook is exceptionally gloomy and even bargain prices are not attracting buyers. No matter how much property prices fall, some would remain unsold for years, the conference was told. However, Valetin Suikov, a member of the board of the International Real Estate Federation of Bulgaria, said that the market had reached break-even point and prices would not change much in the next two years but added that prices of quality real estate would not fall further.

Bulgaria has lost a large number of foreign buyers, particularly those from the UK and Ireland. But according to Vesselina Ivanova of Five Star Investments Russians and Ukrainians are still buying and a particularly interested in Black Sea property and in golf course developments. Major problems facing the market include the complicated procedure for Russians to get Bulgarian visas and that fact that there are no direct flights from Moscow to Bulgaria s Black Sea cities of Varna and Bourgas outside the summer season. But there is some optimism with the number of building permits issued in the second quarter of 2009 increasing but the trend is for smaller units. The number of luxury property owners putting their houses on the market has doubled, says a report from real estate agency Unique Estates. But buyers are no cash advance loan minnesota longer interested in real estate priced at the top of the market. At the start of the year the volume of deals was similar to last year s but after March the trend drastically changed. A luxury home in Sofia prices at one million euros is now perceived as very expensive, said managing director Vessela Ilieva. I think the reason for this droop is that those prices might have been too high in the first place. Due to unstable market conditions the foreign investors try to avoid even further less developed countries such as Bulgaria in order to protect their investments even further. More new properties were built in Bulgaria s most popular Black Sea resorts in 2009 than anywhere else in the country, according to official figures. The data from the National Statistics Institute shows that 163 buildings and 1. Many though could remain empty for some time as the property market in Bulgaria has been badly hit by the global economic crisis and in particular along the Black Sea coast.

The figures show that overall there were 685 new real estate complexes built across Bulgaria for the third quarter of 2009, a 0.

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A total of 5,214 new units were put on the market, down by 674 from the second quarter. The average size of a new apartment built in the third quarter was 71.

Some areas though have not seen clear cash loans any building, indicating a slowdown in some locations. For example, there were no buildings complete in Kyustendil between July and September this year. The foreign investment sector has been particularly badly hit and people are also being put off buying due to lack of transparency and unscrupulous companies operating in the industry. A third of all complaints filed with the Bulgarian section of the European Consumer Centre (ECC) by foreigners concerned real estate, most of them from British and Irish property owners. The number of tourists to the country have dropped off. Tourism officials have admitted that the number of bookings for the winter season, especially from Russians, are down. According to agencies such as Foros, Colliers, Address and Bulgarian Properties, real estate values will continue to fall in the next few months. The more optimistic hope they will start stabilising in the summer months but others think that no recovery is likely until well into 2011. According to Tsvetelina Tasseva, chief executive of Address, real estate prices could suffer another collapse if banks start putting repossessed properties onto the market. There is growing concern about anecdotal evidence that some buyers are opting for off plan apartments that do not have full permission as they are being sold extremely cheap. But if they don t get full permission the new owners risks having a property that could be demolished for being built illegally. Some authorities are becoming stricter in terms of planning but there is growing concern about the demolition of illegal properties along the Black Sea coast as some believe that decisions are not being made fairly. While the bulldozing of some properties such as illegal permanent sheds attached to condominiums in the town of Nessebar are welcomed, others such as a pair of two storey houses built without appropriate paperwork on the south beach in Obzor should be legalized instead. Campaigners also think that four single storey buildings in the Kladeri region near the village of Emona, and a swimming pool at the Delta Hotel on Sunny Beach, should also be re-considered. There is a big difference between illegal huts and a house where the paperwork is not straight.