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Can anyone recommend an agent with good knowledge of the rental market, etc? Hi everyone, Currently in the process of trying to buy my first home. I am just curios if anyone has some idea of what bank, CU or mortgage company has the lowest closing cost fees. Hi Vermontsters, my wife and I are taking a trip up to Burlington this weekend and I was curious if there are any active BP members in the Burlington, Colchester, Winooski area and what the landscape is there. My family owns a good-sized parcel of land in southern Vermont and I am exploring whether to build one or more structures for vacation rentals. Anyone have any experience in or thoughts about this type of enterprise?... Hi Everyone, my company is looking for an agent near Rutland, Vermont. We will be needing assistance to list a property for sale. Hi everyone,I am a new member here at BP, but have been scrolling over your forums and listening to some of the podcasts for quite a while now.

A little information about me - I have a full time job in IT Support,... I just recently passed the VA realtor exam and was wondering what made people choose a certain brokerage to work with, and what sort of qualities they looked for in one versus another Is anyone interested in meeting monthly in the Ashburn, VA or Leesburg, VA area to discuss real estate investing? Hello BP Family, My family and I are moving to Charlottesville, VA in about 6-7 months. We are an Air Force family leaving from Fort Meade, MD and do not know much about the area outside of the news and local articles.... I am interested in pre-licensing course recommendations in Virginia that are offering virtual (zoom type) classes?

After a year of not collecting rent and not being able to get a tenant out It looks like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. That leaves me with the physical process of the eviction. We will be moving our properties over to property management as they become vacant (the first one coming up... I am most interested in rentals, and I loans clarksville tn currently rent rooms in my primary residence, and purchased a rental townhouse. Hello All,I was hoping to find some help with getting started wholesaling in the Richmond Virginia market. If anyone has or is doing deals in the Richmond Virginia market, I... I was wondering what christmas loans for bad credit list people are having the most success with pulling.

We are skip tracing and cold calling and always looking to improve our business.

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I think stacking lists is brilliant and I have found it to be... When do you feel that you have an abundance of deals? Is it when you are too busy to take on a new project? Does Virginia use attorneys or title companies and are there any issues with assignable contracts in Virginia? Does Virginia use personal loans bad credit ok attorneys or title companies and are there any issues with assignable contracts in Virginia? Was just curious what your thoughts are about the Northern Virginia (specifically Loudoun County) Real Estate Market. Looking to find sources for houses up for auction in the Fredericksburg area (and possibly Richmond or other nearby areas). In rural MD christmas loans for bad credit we find auctions in public notices in the local paper, and then look up... Hey guys,Was wondering about building permits and ability to do my own renovation work in Fairfax County, VA. If you know of someone, please post or send me a DM. Does anyone have a reliable, professional handyman they use for their rental properties? I have 2 rental listings One is off Market and one of MLS. Both of them have solid tenants in place with lease expiring in 2021. Both the condos have been well taken care of in great locations in Fairfax county. Just reading through the beginner books, listening to podcasts, attending webinars, and talking to folks on BP loan for vacation to get all the knowledge I can.

I want to begin getting some experience performing REI related...

Would anyone be willing to share why you choose to invest in Spokane or the state in general? I live on my rental property and have an inherited tenant that escaped eviction through covid. I need a bit of help deciding if I should sell or hold one of my properties. This is a brand new manufactured home we are installing on a small lot about 10 minutes from our primary. Will short-term rent it out, and plan to also use payday loans benefits accepted it personally a handful of times a year with family of 3 and a... We are trying to purchase a townhome in a village style community in Olympia, WA and it has about 52 exceptions attached to it in Schedule B in the Title. Does anyone have recommendations on builders or how to find builders specializing in building new construction duplexes in Snohomish County, WA State? My parents are getting older and want to move into a home closer to us. We live in Portland, payday loans compare but because of the tax consequences of no income tax, they would prefer to remain in Washington.

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My husband and I purchased our first investment loans for sales tax property. Looking to buy a single family home or duplex in north central Illinois or in christmas loans for bad credit Washington state.

Advantages to Illinois include more affordable home values, lower mortgage payments, cheaper cost of living, closer... My primary interest at the moment is flipping homes between Monroe... I purchased a house in the Lacey, WA in 2019 that has seen steady appreciation recently but we are now seeing distribution centers popping up just miles from our house. The area we are in is still a premium and sought... Looking to buy a single family home or duplex in north central Illinois or in Washington state. Advantages to Illinois include more affordable home values, lower mortgage payments, cheaper cost of living, closer... I live in Seattle and am interested in thoughts on the market, specifically as it relates to multifamily. I am interested in adding some multifamily to my portfolio in...

I am working on my taxes and feel that it is likely I should have a CPA with knowledge of 1031 exchanges and investment real estate.

Few days ago I passed the VA Real Estate Salesperson exam a few days ago and am looking for brokers to hitch my wagon with.

I have had "meetings" with a few brokers and honestly am unable to decipher between all the... We are looking for an Attorney or Paralegal that would help our Seller with the "Lack of Probate Affidavit" here in WA.

Anyone have a good contractor recommendation in Seattle? In the past I have only worked with big banks for getting my own mortgage for my personal residence so not...

Just saw the new local sub forum and thought I would get Wyoming kicked off!

Which made me look up Wyoming and if they were taxed on rental income. While looking I came across how can i borrow money online without a job something called a dynasty trust it said you could... I have been a lurker for a while and finally decided to post. I am in Cheyenne and looking to start my real estate journey. My wife is nervous about it all and would feel most comfortable with a multifamily already... Their Is a Foreclosed Newly remodeled hotel in Riverton Wy was days in. It was foreclosed over not having a sprinkler system installed and will need to be installed to get operational. My name is Zack Gerhardt and I currently own a couple of rentals and am looking to expand my portfolio.

I work in the oil and gas industry and have been transferred to Douglas. I am purchasing a 4 unit christmas loans for bad credit apartment building in my hometown in Wyoming. I am using Guild Mortgage, from which I heard of on one of the podcasts, and we have a branch in my town.

My sister is interested in getting her real estate license so while she is dealing with some issues I told her I would do some research for her and try to present her with a step by step plan. I will be moving out of my Saddle Ridge Twinhome at the beginning of June and renting it out. My dogs have pooped and peed on the carpet, and a cat has pooped on the carpet too.

I am very new to the investing community and am currently in the learning stages on how to invest. I am very interested in mobile homes and what they have to offer as far as fix and... We are looking to create a Wyoming LLC how to get fast loans and would like a recommendation for a company to assist in this process and also to receive our mail.

Are there any investors in the western Wyoming looking for properties? I am not trying to advertise as the rules with bigger pockets state not to, but just looking for people in that area I can work with.

So I am 21, and I have about 200K I want to use for fix and flips in the Starkville, MS area. Is there any advice for finding a good priced house to renovate and how to find good contractors in the local...

Mississippi Investors , I have been doing a lot of market research, and I need your experience. From a micro level, your stats on population growth, price to rent ratios, YOY job growth, crime rate, median income... After a few months of reading and searching, we settled on Brandon, MS as a location and just purchased our christmas loans for bad credit first rental... Recently a couple have come across my searches and I was wondering if there are additional repairs involved since the bottom of the house is exposed? How many doors in Mississippi are you looking to take down in 2021? I am fairly new to the game of real estate, and was very intrigued about wholesaling houses. I wanted to gain some information as to what techniques to use, what houses to look for, what... I went to Ole Miss for grad school and loved the town so I thought that Oxford could be a good place to buy my first rental property.