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Hello All,Just sharing an interesting new program that some of you may be interested in. I have recently made connection with a Housing Mobility Manager who is directing a new program in partnership with a major...

I have the cash and my father and same day bad credit loans I flipped a house In hempstead a few years ago.

The reason I decided to become an agent was to provide true value in potential... Has the Amazon announcement for HDQ2 moved anything in Brooklyn? Hi,My name is Suraj, I am 19 years old, located in Long Island, NY and looking to get into wholesaling real estate. I have been trying to wholesale on-market properties virtually for about a month now and have had no... This post is just for people like me if there is anyone that is new or have been doing it can learn and maybe work together on...

The main thing i am looking for from this post is to build a group of people in a... Hello all, my name is Tommy, I am a realtor in Suffolk County. I just wanted to introduce myself and welcome any connections of anybody in the area.

I am a firm believer in networking and building relationships. Hello all, my name is Tommy, I am new payday advance loan interest rates to Bigger Pockets.

I love the community and am looking to build relationships with other local professionals in my market. If there is anyone out there that is looking to invest on... Hey BP,So typically when I get a lead in on a house that there is not much value add for me and the homeowner is looking cheapest personal loan interest rates for retail prices I refer them to Bryan Karp. However Karp does not go out into Nassau County,... Hey everyone, I went ahead and scheduled a zoom meeting for us! I figure we can just kinda get the first one under our belts and go from there.

If I have 100k to invest in a flip- would Long island be a potential destination or should I look into more affordable location in upstate and Jersy? My newly formed business Accountants Buy Property is looking to get in the wholesale side of the business here in Long Island! I am also a CPA with many years of experience practicing in the real estate... Made an offer on a house out in suffolk county looking for someone who can recommend a good appraiser.

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When I bought my home I was very new and just used everyone my real estate agent recommended. My friend used to rent fast cash personal loans com from my parents a few years ago but they had to kick her out so another relative could move in. She rented from them for a year and never missed a rent payment. We are in need of a contractor with experience in working with FHA 203k loans, on the eastern side of long island, more exactly in Lynbrook NY. Searching for deals on Long Island is tough given high prices and high taxes. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could recommend an expediter in the town of Oyster Bay. Anyone know of an attorney in long island or nyc that is knowledgeable in contractual law, transaction ,formation of real estate companies as well as real estate investing? One thing that immediately resonated with me, and as usual shocks the rest of the world, is the... A friend of mine reached out to me about a property he in the process of selling. The house is located in Great Neck, Long island area. I am in PA (West Chester area)Here are my situations:1. I worked in PA but lived 2 states (PA, GA) in 20202. HI All, this is an open question to the BP community as I have never dealt with corporate rentals but got an interested company recently. I have a multi-family in Westchester NY and I currently live in one of the... Does anyone know how Westchester County defines an in-law suite? Is this a legal description or just a marketing term?

There is surprisingly little detail on the internet... A good friend of mine is looking to purchase a home in Westchester County after living in the city.

They are having trouble getting a traditional mortgage (this will be their primary residence) because of...

Me and my partner are looking to start our real estate journey with a house hack in Westchester County, NY. We are trying to spend under 500k and are looking for a multi-family, either a duplex or triplex.... After listening to the BP podcasts and reading through these forums, I... I am looking to begin my journey in REI in the Yonkers, NY area. Pretty excited to start the real estate investment journey.

I work as an IT Architect by day, but am looking to make real estate investing my side hustle. Thinking about buying a fourplex in that area to house hack and could use some... Hey all, so I sold one of my buildings and I am looking to buy another one either in cheapest personal loan interest rates Stamford, CT or Yonkers, NY.

The owner is 94 years old and is now living with her niece, who is the one selling the house. The niece is telling me that there is a reverse mortgage... Thank you BP community for the continued motivation. I am looking for local lenders and banks to form a relationship with on a face to face basis. Hey all, I recently had a showing of a legal 2 family house, soon learning that the basement unit was rented out illegally. My question is, what incentive did the previous owner have in not making it a legal 3 family... Hello, all,I recently purchased a 4-unit property in Yonkers (3 residential and 1 store). Good evening friends, anyone knows of a cheapest personal loan interest rates great GC in the Westchester County NY area? S Good evening friends, anyone knows of a great GC in the Westchester County NY area?

Good afternoon,I am an engineer considering a move to Westchester County from Dallas, TX, and I would like to house hack my bad credit payday loan way in New York. I am unfamiliar with the real estate market in the area, so I am looking... I am looking at two properties in Westchester, but I do not have a reliable realtor. When people get into Real Estate investing for the first time, they generally are pretty Doe eyed. They have dreams of making it big but seldom have a realistic vision for what that will entail. Most of the time I can figure out what is really going on or at least figure out that I am not being told the truth. I have heard a million times that people should get a mentor and how much that has pay in advance helped them. I think the main reason I never had a mentor is because I never...

Hello Bigger Pocket,My father is a veteran and he cheapest personal loan interest rates never used his VA Loan to buy a home. Can we use his VA loan as co signer to buy a property while we take care of all down payment and monthly mortgage payment.

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There are a ton of elements to being a successful Real Estate Investor. You need to acquire an education about the industry particularly which aspect you plan on focusing on. I am considering using an FHA 203k loan in Richmond, Virginia to acquire a slightly distressed property and use it as my primary residence. My question is if any other investors have used a 203k loan... I would like to know what are the good guaranteed approval payday loan areas in Richmond to house hack to brrrr or fix and flip? I currently have a few rental properties in the Petersburg area, but am living in Richmond. I am cheapest personal loan interest rates wanting to invest in an owner occupied unit in the Richmond area next. Looking to find a real estate agent who has an eye...

Do you ever stop and think back about when you first got into Real Estate? Or even before that when you were just thinking about getting into Real Estate?

Someone who was very new to the business reached out to me today. They were nervous about a deal they were working on and wanted some advice. I had a few minutes and whenever I can I try to help people. I have noticed for most of my career than people slow down their work considerably around the holidays. I do not think most of us do it intentionally it just seems to happen. The more volume we do, the more of the same old lines I hear every day. I literally sit at my desk fielding phone calls from investors who want to negotiate down our asking price-- all day sometimes. Im working on a couple projects in the Richmond, VA market.

I wanted to know who the Rockstars of the Richmond market are,.... I passionately believe that managing people is the hardest job in the world. I can design and implement all the systems and processes I want but eventually it is going to come down to someone implementing them. I know one of the big things with Real Estate Investing is that people always say you can get into it with no cash, no credit and no experience. While I believe this is true, to a point, I think the no experience thing...