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Our member blogs, written by BiggerPockets members for BiggerPockets members, offer tips to help you in your real estate journey based on how does short term payday loans work at easy money firsthand experience. The BiggerPockets Member Blogs is an incredible platform designed to allow our users to easily share stories, lessons, tips, and advice to the BiggerPockets Community. Here are some reasons why it s a great idea Read More This is the second in a series of blogs on how you can market to get people to associate you with self-storage. Read More What do black holes have to teach us about our real estate investing goals and strategies? Read More Sharing 5 key tips for getting started in Multi-Family Investments and ignite a successful career. A big reason this could be happening is simple: not enough income and expense tracking. This is why Mindy and Scott are always so adamant about having a budget (and sticking to it). Jeff owns his home, and it has appreciated a favorable amount since he bought it he also owns a duplex in his home state of California, and a rental property in Memphis. Jeff wants to get rid of his timeshare so he can put more money into growing wealth. He also has HELOCs taken out against homes which are burning holes in his pockets on top of the bills he and his partner already have to pay. While Jeff is happy with his line of work, his wife wants to be able to leave her job.

You can t (Well, to be more accurate, you probably shouldn t). You need to fix your No money and bad credit situation and invest from a position of financial strength. Co-hosted by BiggerPockets Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen, this podcast provides the education you didn t get in school. You ll get tips for getting your financial house in order and actionable advice from guests who have been in your shoes - and found their way out. Asa journalism major, he started doing freelance writing work, and a client of his ended up offering him a remote position on the team. Brandon was able to start large unsecured personal loans investing in index funds and early cryptocurrencies, netting him some pretty stable returns (at least from the index funds). After completing college and still having a very low cost of living, Brandon asked himself if the job was worth all the stress. Brandon still lives at home and advocates doing the same for people his age. Not having a housing cost (or having very low housing costs) is one of the best ways to put yourself on the path to financial freedom.

This low cost of living situation has allowed Brandon to be on the path to financial independence while still valuing his happiness.... As two school teachers in New Jersey, Erik and his Wife made smart moves earlier this year by closing on a rental property, in order to have another stream of income coming in.

They already have well paying jobs, pension plans, IRA accounts, and other ways of setting themselves up for the future, but how can they streamline their debt payoffs and maximize their cash?

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Then they go on to tailor a plan of action for Erik and his wife, giving some great examples of leveraging low-interest debt in order to pay off higher interest debt and fill emergency funds. How did salary, savings, and investing become such a taboo subject to talk about? With us today is Erin Lowry aka Broke Millennial, you may recognize her voice from episode 24 can i get a loan to pay rent and 81 of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast. So what do you do, throw a temper tantrum and leave?

It can be hard to match spending habits of friends and family if they make more than you (or are just more casual with their spending). Through some research, metric tracking, and proper planning, Erin shows exactly when to go to your boss to ask for a raise, how much is reasonable, and how to assess your value within the company....

Clayton, a renewable energy worker, travels around the midwest for work, living out of an RV with his partner. His company grants him a company car, a company phone, a food stipend, a handsome 401(k) match, and a comfortable salary. Clayton has taken advantage of these big perks by maxing out his Roth, buying a rental property, and using his primary home as a house hack.

Clayton is close to having the big 3 things in life paid off: housing, transportation, and food. With extra income coming in every month, what can Clayton do to put himself in an even stronger position than before? This is something many guests find challenging at first, but can really help alleviate any fears of where money is going. Next, he can start adding a bigger chunk of money to his cash loans direct lenders rental property reserves, that way the mortgage is always being paid (even if someone misses rent). Last, he can start looking for another house hack and another rental property. Josh grew up without much money, causing him to not have cash loans direct lenders much of a financial foundation when he reached adulthood. Josh stumbled upon a book that changed his financial view forever. After they were both on board for FI, house hacking was their next stop. Today we talk to firefighter Nathan and teacher Kristen about their income, expenditures, and investments. Nathan and Kristen own their home and multiple rental properties as well. Collectively they bring in a respectable income, but are being stretched thin due to time restraints. From 24 hour shifts as a firefighter, making cornhole game pieces as a side hustle, and taking overtime, Nathan is working a lot, while Kristen has her hands busy as a remote teacher and taking care of their kids at home. Aside from that, they are donating heavily to charity and fostering one child while in the process of adopting another. Although this philanthropic couple has all the right things going for them, they still need some downtime to enjoy the fruits of their labor....

Mills found this out early in his professional career. As a Englishteacher living in Japan, he had to jump through a sizable amount of hoops to find a way to invest in American stocks, index funds, and later real estate all while overseas.

Growing up in southern California, Daniel knew that there was money to be made through entrepreneurialism. He saw his father grow a business that was profiting millions each year, only to see it later become liquidated. He met his wife, settled down, and bought an apartment in an appreciating part of the city (contrary to many other parts of Japan). So, he started investing in index funds and stocks, which grew his net worth and allowed him to invest in other asset classes, like real estate. Flash forward to today, Daniel has rental properties in Idaho, Alabama, and Tennessee with partners from Japan and the United States. Living in Japan, he doesn t have much to worry about in the US, thanks to his fantastic property managers, handymen, partners, lenders, and real estate agents.... Kyle owns a mechanic and repair shop while Sarah works a regular 9-5. A few months back Kyle personal loans las vegas and Sarah began tracking their expenses, and like many people, they were shocked at what they found. Some takeout food here, some shopping there, and other random expenses were really adding up, so they started to reduce how to get a loan online their costs. Kyle and Sarah both have made significant contributions in their retirement and investing accounts, but they could be investing a lot more and getting a lot of write offs! Scott and Mindy walk through the main expense categories that Kyle and Sarah have, apply for personal loan online breaking down what can be improved, reduced, and left alone. Like many people, Kyle and Sarah have found that with some fine-tuning to their budget, they ll be able to increase their investments, by a lot!... We have a mind-blowing episode with enrolled agent Steven Hamilton from Hamilton Tax and Accounting. How do you lower your income on your taxes if you have a W2?

Steven answers all these questions, plus a lot more!

Since 2020 was such a crazy year, many real estate investors are planning to double down on investments, up their contributions, or leave their W2 jobs. This all needs to be done with a plan and a strategy so you can maximize your investments and distributions. Steven helps spell out the best ways to do these (and more) through a number of different (and interesting) strategies.... Tracy has had a bit of a struggle with spending and expense tracking. A purchase here, some grocery shopping there, and by the time she added up her payments, she was cash loans direct lenders consistently overspending by close to a thousand dollars, every month!

Quite the contrary, Tracy has a very respectable amount of money stored between her different retirement accounts. Now the question is: does she limit her contributions so she can save up for a rental property or does she continue to max out her retirement accounts so she has a big cushion when she decides to stop working? This is a very common question we get from listeners and members of the BiggerPockets community.

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You may be in the exact same position, all we can suggest is to tune in to hear what Mindy and Scott have to say!... Brandon walks us through advanced retirement account strategies you may have heard of, suchas the trusted same day loans Backdoor Roth, Roth Conversion Ladder, and the coveted Mega Backdoor Roth. While this can personal loans fayetteville nc be answered a handful of ways, it often overlooks something very important: regular retirement. Not only does he have a full-time engineering job, which he uses to support his family, he also has 5 other streams of income on the side! From contract welding projects, to dropshipping, renting out his trailer, and even raising rabbits (seriously! The main problem: some income streams are taking up too much time, while providing too little in return. This is a constant problem that entrepreneurs and FIRE members face, too many options! Mindy and Scott go through Cort Johnson s income, budget, expenses, and general finances to see where he should allocate his time for maximum return. This episode goes deep on the cash loans direct lenders importance of scalable income and following your passions to develop side income streams that you enjoy. Cort dreams big about starting his own business, investing in multifamily property, and living financially free. While it may seem scary at first, working together to solve financial problems and gravitating towards financial freedom can bring you closer together.

Both were raised in frugal houses, but like many frugally-raised people, they split in financial directions. Tai was busy putting herself through college, debt free!

On the other hand, Talaat went into the military and started spending his pay on consumer goods.

She worked with Talaat and put together a plan where they both could work hard to get out of debt. Shortly after, Talaat was debt free, so what did they do next? They bought their house, and came up with a plan to completely pay it off in 5 years (Yes, 5). Now Talaat and Tai run His and Her Money, helping other couples work together to reach their financial goals. Wayne is like many of our listeners: working a W2 job, but also supporting himself and his family by having 1099 income from being a real estate agent.

On top of that, Wayne has over 10 rental units, spread throughout different multifamily properties. He also has solid retirement savings and cash on hand. With all this income, Wayne wanted answers on whether or not he should lessen his time at his W2 job, take more cash out from equity in the multifamily properties he owns, and other common real estate investment questions.