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Curious how to manage a rental portfolio in your limited free time? Learn from today s guest Ruben Galindo, who had his hands full managing hundreds of law enforcement officers in Texas...

Ruben is 48 years old, and in guaranteed personal loan approval the past five years, he s acquired five rental properties get cash america payday loan personal loan that require about an hour of his time each week.

In this episode, he ll teach you how he uses Cozy and Docusign to do everything virtually, how door knocking led to one of his best deals, and how he leverages his 401(k) in his real estate business. Ruben didn t jump in until his 40s, but he already has experience with buying a foreclosure, helping a seller avoid foreclosure, a short sale, and a straightforward live-in flip (where he currently lives). If you pick up any tips from Ruben or have questions for him, leave a comment in the show notes at biggerpockets.

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Today Ashley and Felipe run through the top 5 questions from the Real Estate Rookie Facebook Group and the Rookie Request Line (leave us a voicemail at 1-888-5-ROOKIE).

From finding and financing deals to the infamous LLC question and beyond, our co-hosts offer their advice loans for 500 and discuss various approaches new investors can use to cash america payday loan build momentum. Plus, former BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast guest Whitney Hutten makes a cameo to offer her two cents on how to properly vet turnkey providers. Let us know, and make sure you re subscribed to the show so you won t miss an episode.... Charlie walks us through his year-long education phase,his first couple deals, and the expensive lessons he learned while renovating a property he lovingly calls The Pit! If you like what you hear, let us know with a rating and review in Apple Podcasts... Arvi Carkanji and Dave Arlaud are Nashville-based flipper-investors, cash america payday loan who are dividing and conquering to run a successful business while building a stable of rental properties.

Arvi handles acquisitions (listen for the Rookie Request Line about direct mail), while Dave is payday advance loans locations a licensed contractor who takes charge of construction. Together they walk us through their approach to renovating houses and working with subcontractors and dive into the deal that motivated Arvi to quit her first (and quite possibly last) real job. If you re thinking about taking on value-add projects—and you probably should be—listen close to hear these two rookies walk us through their process!... Tricia Baxter is a real estate rookie who got in the game in her mid-40s.

In this episode, she shares how she built a healthy portfolio of small multifamily properties on the Jersey Shore. Tricia s a busy professional with her own law practice, but she still decided to self-manage when she got started—namely, to learn the ropes and create standard operating procedures, which came in handy when she eventually hired a property manager (spoiler: that s her MVP! This episode is full of great tips for anyone who aspires to treat their real estate investing like the business it is!... If you re interested in securing your financial future, then don t miss Derrick s tips on how he finds deals, how he uses a personal line of credit, and the lessons he s learned about managing contractors. Derrick is an impressive rookie investor, and he doesn t one hour loan hold back in this one... And if you enjoy this episode, please leave us a rating and review in Apple Podcasts!... Today, we listen in on rookie investor Jamie Gallagher as he compares and contrasts two markets. Meanwhile, BiggerPockets data wiz David Meyer is there to walk him (and us) through the poor credit loans no credit check michigan numbers. You ll learn how to use population growth, rent-to-price ratio, rent-to-income ratio, and historical performance to weigh the pros and cons of various markets so you can compare apples to apples.

These aren t the only factors to consider, but this episode will give you a solid grasp of the basics and put you way ahead of most investors in your search for a market that makes sense for you and your goals.

Be sure to check out borrow money with bad credit BPInsights, the new Pro member benefit bringing you fresh, local real estate data, at biggerpockets. And you can find more of David s work in BiggerPockets Wealth magazine at biggerpockets.

Today, she s got 20 units and is nearing her goal of financial freedom by age 45. In this episode, Elyse Rasmussen shares five tips for rookies interested in long-distance investing... So how does he—and how can you—build a small but mighty rental portfolio in your spare time?

For Robert, it comes downto 4 major cash advance places near me elements:Use a series of house hacks to lower expenses and build equity. In this episode, Robert goes into detail on each of the above and explains how they helped him break through analysis paralysis in his early 20s. If you pick just one of these cash america payday loan strategies and do it well, you ll be way ahead of the game. When you combine several, you re on your way to financial freedom. Be sure to check out Robert s two podcasts, Millennial Investing and Real Estate Investing over on The Investor s Podcast Network, and subscribe to Real Estate Rookie so you won t miss our next show.... From exactly what Drew writes in a letter, to how he builds rapport when running an appointment, to making offers and getting to the closing table, it s all here in plain English.

Today, they walk us through everything that happens after a lead comes in, including how Drew was able to close three deals and get three more under contract in the past three months—despite the pandemic. If you re tired of seeing all the good deals go to other investors, take matters into your own hands and put some of their tips into action! And be sure to subscribe to Real Estate Rookie in your favorite podcast app so you won t miss the next one.... Today J stops by to give us a primer on economic cycles and how they impact real estate investors.

You ll learn what to expect when housing prices soften and which strategies work best in each economic phase.

Plus, J shares the tale of his first (years-long) 24 hr loans flip, tells us what he s learned along the way, and delivers a surprising top tip for today s rookie real estate investor. For more on this topic, pick up a copy of J s newly updated book Recession-Proof Real Estate Investing here.... In today s episode, you ll learn all about about a crucial step in the home-buying process: home inspections.

Find out how they work, how much they cost, and how they could wind up saving you a boatload of cash—or help you negotiate a sweet deal! Rose Buckley is a certified home inspector who has walked 1,000-plus homes. And with her background in teaching and translating, she enjoys breaking down this part of the business for up-and-coming investors. Rose shares her tips for finding a great local inspector and reveals which defects are no biggie, which are challenging, and which ones can be deal killers.

We, too, noticed Rose is a female in a male-dominated profession. That led to a great discussion about how she approaches that challenge, how sometimes it s actually an opportunity, and why training as a home inspector—regardless of your gender—may get you closer to your investing goals. Subscribe to Real Estate Rookie in your favorite podcast app, and if you enjoyed this episode, please pass it on to just ONE friend or family member who might, too....

So, how did he pull off his first two deals ina cash flow-friendly market 1,500 miles away? Tony shares tip after tip for investors like you—especially if you live in a pricey area (he lives in Southern California and invests in Shreveport, Louisiana). Plus, he dives into the mindset shifts that helped him break through—and how becoming a father at a young age led to a goal of achieving financial independence.