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Maybe not as easy in principle as in theory, but I just feel that auctions attract bargain hunters. If you go down the auction route there is every chance you could get a couple short term loan lender of bidders fighting against each other and pushing the prices up and up.

One other option would be to go into partnership with a developer but I would guess this is a degree of risk too far for you? I would look to appoint a third party agent to market and sell the property on your behalf. Offer them a relatively low set fee but a highly incentivised additional payment on a successful sale.

That way, they will live and die by their own actions Maybe unsecured personal loan bad credit direct lender worth speaking to an agent who is local to check on the pricing - best payday loan lender there are many different ways you can sell - Property sources are normally a good option - they have clients who will pay good money for off 2500 loan no credit check the market opportunities!! It can often be a case of who you know, not what you know when it comes to anything property related.

The exclusive deal is dangerous because what happens if they are not successful? You have lost 28 days of sale time and at best incurred carrying costs. As mentioned above, I agree with the use of bank personal loans local agents who know the market better than others. Has anyone got any tips, opinions or comments on the best way to market and sell our small site? Any comments on any of these points would be appreciated! Which is likely to get us the best price for this sort of site in the current market? Some have suggested a flat fee but a percentage seems better as it gives them an incentive to get the best price. This would really incentivise the agent to get the best price possible. It all depends on how quick you want to sell the land.

Auction is the quickest and you can set a guide price to potential buyers and you and the auction have a reserve which is kept between yourselves. But auctions want you to guide at a low price to entice buyers. But to be honest you will not have any troubles selling it either way. One thing do not sell it on conditions to allow developers to get planning permission first. Many are saying some London property investors are cashing in their London premium and buying the same sized properties outside of London for a fraction of the price. Many are saying some London property investors are cashing in their London premium and buying the same sized properties outside of London for a fraction of the price.

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Always looking for projects to invest in and also open up our projects to investors.

Hello realdeals, I do a range of different property developments. In regards to investment amounts it depends on the project?

We get a lot of interest from migration clients as the village projects suit their pr requirements better.

Some projects funds are only used for short term like six months and others 18-24 months.

All of our projects are different so if we do open one up to investors we generally customise it to suit. Is there as much pressure on tax payer funded public services in this area in Australia as there is in the UK? Is there as much pressure on tax payer funded public services in this area in Australia as there is in the UK? Hi Longterminvestor, there is a little but most of the retirement. Usually the gov subsidises the aged care beds in private facilities. Very unfair model but that is why our model is in huge demand.

I understand all the basics in terms of pros and cons and as a higher rate taxpayer essentially if I was looking for short term use the income straight away I would just by as an individual and suck up the tax vs if I was going to just keep reinvesting the income into buying more properties I would go the company route and suck up the capital gains tax longer term. Wondered if anyone was in a similar situation of if anyone has a reliable specialist tax advisor they could recommend as my current one is too generalist.

I would take advice from your accountant but personally I think the LTD route keeps everything cleaner.

There are also ways and means of reducing your tax from company income and using the dividend route. I would take advice from your accountant but personally I think the LTD route keeps everything cleaner. There are also ways and means of reducing your tax from company income and using the dividend route.

It is also worth looking at mortgage interest relief as it is being phased out in favour of a flat basic rate allowance - hence higher rate tax payers will lose out. There is a tipping point when it becomes more cost effective where do you sign up for us bank small dollar loan to put BTL investments in a company but I am not sure off the top of my head what the figure is. I would suggest changes in mortgage interest relief will make it even more attractive. For further down the line - if you decided to sell the company there would be no paper work required for each property. The properties would be still owned by the company and it would just be ownership of the company which would change.

If you have long term expansion plans I would be inclined to go down the Ltd company route.

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Much simpler and the great the rental income involved the better from a tax point of view. While there may be some changes with regards to property taxes in the short term, with a change of prime minister, the threat of the left-wing Labour Party still hangs heavy over the country. If the Labour Party was to be voted in at the next election you could probably expect more taxes.

I am not sure we will see major changes in the short term - money will be tight after cash advance loans no direct deposit Brexit and in many ways this just plays into the hands of Tory opposition parties. I think the most obvious thing to do is ensure you are able to sub-let the property. I would also pass any contracts through a solicitor so you know your rights and obligations.

You dont want any shocks further down the line lol I think there is potential for some decent margin on rent to rent arrangements if you can split a property into a decent number of single living spaces. However, the initial cost of doing so would have a significant bearing on long-term potential profit. We are currently looking at a property development which may require a short-term bridging loan to cover the cost of redeveloping the property. The jumping value would be significantly more than the bridging loan repayments therefore it does seem to make sense. However, what is the downside of short-term bridging loans in this situation? That said, if you have performed your due diligence, employed the services of a reputable firm (for the work) and know the market to ensure your exit route for the short term loan is (assuming it is sale) or have your refinance offer in place for the exit if it is refinance, then short term finance can work really well. Many of our clients rely on short term funding to carry out property development and refurbishment and have great experiences. It may help you to have a plan B in place for example that way should you run into problems and know you may not complete the project within the agreed term, if you were to have a re-bridge option in place you would avoid default rates or any implications to your credit record due to defaulting on the original loan. In our experience, in most cases so long as you have prepared, know your market and been realistic about the original term of the loan, there is no reason for defaulting except in extreme circumstances and if you communicate with the lender many lenders will be accommodating. You could also use a broker to arrange the finance for you as they will have a likely long term relationship with the lender and may be helpful in the event of a default (obviously there will be fees involved but it may also gain you access to a wider selection of loan products).

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You could also consider taking a longer loan term, for example, if you plan to complete your project within 6 months, take the bridge for 12 months as (check with the lender) if interest is being rolled up or deducted to negate the need for term repayments while you carry out the project, you will have any unused interest refunded should you exit the loan early anyway. The obvious downside of a bridging loan is the cost BUT this cost should be considered against the end result. However, cash advance loans no direct deposit cost overruns and delays can prove to be extremely expensive with this style of finance. You may also need a backup plan incase things go wrong. Planning permission has been granted, subjected to signing the Section cash advance loans no direct deposit 106 to demolish a derelict pub and neighbouring fish and chip shop in Southend-On-Sea to build a five-storey, contemporary landmark building, comprising of 49 residential flats, two ground floor restaurants and basement parking. The site occupies a prime location on the seafront with fantastic views over the estuary and is close to the iconic 1. The development is being undertaken by Shojin Property Partners in partnership with Beyond the Box Developments Limited, who purchased the main site in August 2017. Like with every investment project, Shojin Property Partners has co-invested a percentage of its own funds to show its commitment to the project. The property is currently vacant cash advance loans no direct deposit and in poor condition with the borrower obtaining the bridge loan in order to apply for planning permission for an enhanced residential development.

The difference between the two projects is that Southend-On-Sea was an equity raise (variable profit share) while Hampshire was a debt raise with a fixed return.

Recent figures from UK Finance show that the number of accidental and first-time landlords buying new properties continues to drop, with 9. Many want to be free of the legal responsibilities and increased tax burdens associated with traditional buy-to-let. We now offer investors the opportunity to invest across the entire property spectrum.

Our success is down to the broad range of investment opportunities we offer, including hands-off buy to let, bridging loans, mezzanine loans and property development.