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You can call it an asset, you can call it a liability, you can call it a whatsamacallit for all I care, but at the end of the day it makes me a ton of money.

My rich dad always taught me not to listen to snake oil salesman, and that is what Kiyosaki is. He made his money in cash advance loan idaho writing books and ripoff scheme workshops (search Robert Kiyosaki CBC on youtube), not in real estate. I think you guys are missing the forest for the trees. Money used to be a medium of exchange, a unit of account, a unit of deferred payment and a store of value. Given that inflation can eat your money up, then having that store of value in real estate will preserve your capital. My rich dad always taught me not to listen to snake oil salesman, and that is what Kiyosaki is. He made his best payday loan companies money in writing books and ripoff scheme workshops (search Robert Kiyosaki CBC on youtube), not in real estate. My rich dad always taught me not to listen to snake oil salesman, and that is what Kiyosaki is.

He made his money in writing books and ripoff scheme workshops (search Robert Kiyosaki CBC on cash advance loan idaho youtube), not in real estate.

Kiyosaki is a (very good) author and a merchant marine. He teaches common sense, but his ideas that teachers are slaves and will never make it for example, is wrong. New York (outside the city), northern New Jersey and lower Fairfield County teachers are millionaires by the time they retire. I scrolled down a while and just saw a bunch of people arguing. Actionable advice for getting started,Discover the 10 Most Lucrative Real Estate Niches,Learn how to get started with or without money,Explore Real-Life Strategies for Building Wealth,And a LOT more. Sign up below to download the eBook for FREE today! I have two small homes in the back that share a water and electric meter. How do I handle utilities for these homes since they share a meter?? Should I ask the two tenants to split the bills down the middle?? Do I put it in my name and have tenants pay me for the utilities?

Decided to add it into the rent and have one flat rate. Too much hassle to split the bill and play bill collector every month in my opinion.

If for pure convenience, I cant see it being worth it unless you can split the units down and sell them individually in the future. I would take the average usage per the cash advance loan idaho utility company, use that to determine what you think the monthly bill would be and then pad it some to account for using more than the average. No gas If you do not have the funds to separate the utility meters, then you have two options (which one is a PITA).

Each month when utility bills arrive separate the total by the number of tenants in each unit, then bill tenants.

This is your option if tenants are already in the unit with a lease in place or....

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Call utility and get a 12 month average on both meters and add this amount to rent for new tenants or a new lease. You will need to get a 12 month average each year so you are not paying a partial of their utilities. Next time you purchase a rental make sure you have enough reserve funds to cover issues that are unforeseen. In light of they fact that they have no history your only option is to have the utilities in your name and bill the tenants each month by splitting the costs. If you do not do this you will end up losing money. Once you have a history established over a couple of years you can then add it to the rent (plus a premium) for new tenants. No other option, aside from separate meters, will work in your case. You should look into the cost of separate meters in the future. One of my rear homes is about 470 sq ft and the other is about 750 sq ft. And I hear him constantly bitching about various meals the LL cooks, the number of people living there, the guests coming etc. This compares to his simple life with his wife where they did little cooking. Saves all the trouble of billing them separately, following up on it, and arguing about it with the tenants. Aka separate water taps, separate water lines, and completely separate plumbing.

You have to hire an electrician to rewire the whole house so the other unit has completely separate breaker box and electric lines. Aka separate water taps, separate water lines, and completely separate plumbing. Where I am, zoning rules restrict the number of meters already to prevent the proliferation of illegal rental units. When my co-worker was complaining about the landlord splitting the gas bill with him, he said "all you need is another meter". Even if one can be installed, around here, each gas bill contains a fixed charge per month for having the service. Over the years, I tell tenants to take it easy on using utilities, especially like AC in the summer. Funny, I have a unit I used myself as an office that has a separate electric meter. Got a letter from the utility asking if something is wrong with the meter.

I called them back, told them nothing wrong with the meter, problem is with me. I already have two seperate electric meters and boxes. They will split your bill for you depending on how many people in each apartment. You then send the bill to the company for a breakdown. They then send the split bill to your tenants who pay you directly. Luckily for you, they have it specifically tailored for your city. This may be simple or complex, depending a number of factors: Basement? Units running from a trunk line to bathrooms, kitchen, etc. The electric would be more involved, especially if the circuits were not separated, as has already been said. I have a duplex that had 1 meter, but two panels (cash advance loan idaho 1 feeding the other), so it was simple (after rerouting locations of drops because of window placements).

I am glad I did it, saved me from the hassle every month.

Your best bet would be to charge a utility fee on top of rent as a flat fee.

However, it seems that many newbie investors (some how to get instant cash with even less than my three years experience) like to chime in and talk about how great a deal landlords get when the tenants pay in full upfront. These types of replies got a lot of "votes" in a recent forum thread, implying that the community agrees with that sentiment, while more reserved opinions regarding the matter of accepting large amounts of rent upfront in order to overlook certain applicant weaknesses got much less love. Can anyone relate personal payday loans bad credit ok stories, or anecdotes based on REAL EXPERIENCE, regarding tenants that are at least one full year old, regarding accepting rent cash advance loan idaho upfront? That tenant never gave me a problem, and I enjoyed the rent in full upfront, and they still live there problem free today several (more than 1) years later). This discussion is triggered by another thread, " Would You Rent To This Applicant". A couple of investors with little more experience than myself seem to dismiss the caution of experienced investors that had some wisdom to share and "vote" for replies posted by newer investors that may not have had a full run with accepting a year of rent upfront. My opinion: I listen to my elders on this one and would refuse basically any instance where a tenant offered to pay a full year upfront.

My criteria for income, credit, and criminal background are quite reasonable for the area I operate in, and I am not willing to bend them. Any time a tenant offers to pay a year upfront is a huge red flag, even if they otherwise meet my criteria. Another thing to consider, depending on the state, it might be illegal to accept more than 2 or so months of upfront rent. My step mom is an immigrant and when she came here and married my Dad they never thought of building her credit. So when he passed away years later she had literally no credit and wanted to live closer to work, her income did not qualify either but her cash on hand was plenty. So to convince landlords to take her we offered to pay for the year in advance and I showed them my credit report and offered to cosign. That was 5 years ago, she still live in the building (condo) but with a different landlord. If the tenant breaks the lease and leaves and then the property is immediately rented that additional rent must be returned to the person that cash advance loan idaho deposited it. I was seasoned long before being offered rent up front and was fully aware of the risks.

My screening is very simple, if a applicant can not qualify on their own merit then I reject them. I do not have any motivation to accept a bribe when there are other applicants that easily qualify. In my jurisdiction we have had a growing number of professional tenants due to our tenant friendly regulations.

What they do is offer a year in rent up front hoping a hobby landlord will bite, usually on a SFH.

As soon as they move in they demand the return of their upfront rent payment and legally it must be returned. Once the landlord returns the money they do not ever see another dime in rent payment. As professional tenants they can often stall a eviction for 6 months to a year and generally trash the property before they move on to their next target landlord. If a tenant does not qualify based on your screening policies offering rent in advance should have no bering on your decision. Rent in advance remains the property of the tenant until the last monthly withdrawal. If they leave before the end of the lease they are entitled to their remaining money back. If a applicant qualifies and wants to pay in advance keep your life simple and tell them they can pay monthly like every other tenant. What a hobby landlord sees as a windfall could be a major pita. Not to mention my bad credit payday wife and I only started just over 1. From small cash loans bad credit what I gathered from various forums, such as this one, was to establish a minimum set of qualifications for accepting tenants. I did some online searching for laws in my city of Los Angeles that may not allow collecting advanced rent but could not find any. I screened the tenants against my minimum set of qualifications which are a 650 credit score, household income double the rent, and clean background check. She had a decent history showing she paid her credit cards, car payments, and student loans on time.

We signed a year lease with a security deposit of 1. Tenants were basic in my opinion, only ever called me to have their water heater temp turned down. Later I discovered they moved in some family members and got a small dog, both prohibited in the lease. Their lease expired and they stayed for another 2 months. After making repairs, painting, cleaning, and fumigating (place was left with roaches) I returned their security deposit.

WIth their advanced rent payment my wife and I opted to put the entire amount towards the principle of our mortgage. So, the maximum sum a California landlord is allowed to accept for move in is a total of 3 months rent. I ran into them years later when the wife tried to rent another property from me!

The best thing to do is make sure your potential tenants have a source of income before renting to them. So, the maximum sum a California landlord is allowed to accept for move in is a total of 3 months rent.

As payday loans boise idaho a seasoned landlord since 2002, I have had a process in place for screening tenants that has worked very well.