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What did you build out so that that process is always consistent and is scalable, and all of these new people that you have to bring in all the time can learn that quickly and know the right way to do it for Call Magic? I have a different script for when I call people and I talk to people. I have it timed in my head of how long it should take.

I either then follow up myself or I have somebody on my team who follows up. The optimal time for them to talk is probably six, seven, eight minutes, so total of 12 minutes. The amount of leads that we get, out of a hundred leads, 70 to 80 of those leads are actually probably better suited for the retail market. Instead of my operate or my sales guy calling back as a cash offer, when that lead comes in, I actually put it in different buckets. I put it either in Tony wholesale or I put it in Taylor listing. You talked to my associate the other day about your property at 123 Main Street, possibly selling and interested for selling for cash. So we can definitely give you a cash offer, but I can get you way more money listing this on the open market.

Building that rapport so we can buy it from a wholesale side. That really comes back from the ethical perspective that my partner, Cory and I have always had. And so, you put people in the right bucket and can i take out a private loan to pay rent you just give them what they actually need, and you go do the right thing for them. So everything comes back to, if this was my grandma in this situation, or my grandpa, or my wife, or my mom, where would this go? J:This is really interesting because that gave me a whole different perspective on your business now. But now that you put that spin on it, you poor credit loans for moving have a cold calling business that can generate leads for potentially anything. So These guys that are really killing it right now, and not only in our business, but across the country, the guys, they have a real estate arm, agent arm, in their business so they can list their flips, list their properties. They have a wholesale operation in their business where they can go buy, fixing flips, and do wholesales. But car repair loan nefcu on the realtor side, we see roughly a one and a half to three X return just from getting referral fees. So Tucker and I hop on calls with guys all the time, how do you grow your business?

And then you start going down more to your sniper marketing here. Yeah, so I pointed out that you guys can be doing other things. You could be cold calling business owners for me, trying to get me leads on businesses.

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Maybe I own a magazine and I need somebody that can cold call and get ad sales for me. You could be out there how does quicken loans cash out refi work cold calling businesses and selling ad space. I mean, in theory, once you have the infrastructure to cold call and to generate leads for whatever, lead generation, your customer could be anybody that needs leads for anything. Do you spend the next five or 10 years focused on real estate or do you at some point soon start building out these other verticals? Well, the next stop for us, I believe, is mortgage loan officers. Generally, loan officers are very terrible at marketing. Maybe we go to insurance, maybe we go to magazine sales. Maybe we go to business buying, all those different examples you had, J. Tucker:The multitude of J Scott books that are out there.

On the other side of that, of course you have all of these employees. I think you said you have 50 already, which is mind blowing, in such a short period of time. So first of all, just curious, quick answer, are your employees or your cold callers, are they commission-based?

So they get bonus based on how well they perform on their, on the metrics. So if we have to sacrifice money upfront, to make people happy, we will do that because we want them to grow with us. We want to grow with a finite amount of people that can really go to the next level. Are they on your team here or are they local with your team in the Philippines working directly with the cold callers?

So each group of callers, 10 callers have one team lead. That guy helps fill in when campaigns are struggling and things like that. We might hop on and throw an extra caller on can i take out a private loan to pay rent can i take out a private loan to pay rent their team lead. Which of the three of you on the team is focused on customer retention or growing your customer base? And what type of marketing channels 2500 installment loan for bad credit are you using to find customers? I did jump on our last episode on the BiggerPockets Podcast, and right before we got on, it helped give us some traction.

And so, in order to get the right fit, guys for us, is word of mouth at the end of the day, and run the podcast and growing our audience that way. Then when I do have the sales group call, people, I give them 45 minutes and it has to be on zoom. I need to see your face so I can get invested in you. I still stay on the phone with them for 45 minutes.

But at the end of the day, I want to help people grow because they might be a customer down the road or they might buy data from us or whatever. Then by the time they do get to know you, it really cuts down on that time it takes for them to really trust you. But when you started your podcast, nobody was paying you a half million dollars a year to go and record a podcast every week, and to spend hours, upon hours, upon hours doing that. It was never going to pay off, and that was going to be wasted time.

It was an investment, and you were willing to make that investment. I like to think of it as… And Carol and I have done the same thing. One thing I could say too is… Because I talked to a guy a couple weeks ago that I wanted to use anyway. Part of the initial phase of this was, is it going to work?

And so, I think the vision of what we wanted this to be has also matured along that path. Elliot:I think the thing that we did all have in common is we all have the same thought process. You can make more margins and instant small loans bigger in that world can i take out a private loan to pay rent if you go that route.

I mean, I think Tucker emulates excellence in all those things. We all knew it, what we want to be starting out, but Tucker just helps bring the best out of people. That can i take out a private loan to pay rent takes just time in the seat and just seeing what a business can be.

And so, we want to really grow the different industries that we generate leads for or for.

And just really understanding who your customer is at that point in time, that will just be such a game changer. I was talking to him about the platform and talking to him about our vision. And how do you get very specific to who your avatar is. Then once that avatar comes in, what type of avatar are they? And then the more part of the Four More, we let you tell our listeners where they can connect with you and learn more about you guys and your business.

Question number one of the Four More, what was your very first or very worst job? But I learned about work ethic and how to answer your phone, and I really grew my customer service skills and my managing skills, which are very shitty. I was on the delivery side where they would deliver to the stores and the restaurants and all that stuff.

I meant sales guys, and sorry about that but- Elliot:The route guys started at 1:00 in the morning, and so, yeah, I worked 70 hours a week managing guys. When I was in management for them, it was terrible.

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First job, I was what they call here in Oregon, a petroleum transfer expert, so, i. It was customer service oriented and it was just a good first stepping stool into the world of working. For the second one, Tucker, you take it first, Elliot, you take it second. What is the best piece of advice that you have for small business owners or entrepreneurs that you have not shared with us yet today?

One thing my partner told me, he would always say after something happened is what have you done for me today? And it always has stuck for me, what are you doing today to move your business forward? J:I absolutely love both of those two pieces of payday loans pittsburgh advice. Tell us your favorite book out there that we fast track loans should all be reading. Maybe one that not everybody has already read or heard of. My favorite book, I said it every time, How To Win Friends And Influence People. And after reading that book, it just really clicked a lot of the things that I had previously thought.

Tucker, first on this one, and this is my favorite fun question. But I have a fun money account that I trade stocks in it. I went and bought a brand new 2021 Ford F-150 Lariat with my fun money and traded my truck in.

My wife was supposed to be the one getting the car next. Got the how to get a small loan to pay bills price right around the 50,000, 52,000 dollar mark. Both of those answers are probably a couple of my favorite answers to that question. Let our listeners know where they can connect with you, learn more about you, can i take out a private loan to pay rent and learn more about Call Magic or anything else you want to talk about. The early episodes where me, the most recent episodes are Elliott. You can also find me on the usual suspects, direct lender payday Facebook, Instagram. Anybody that wants to hire you guys, callmagicleads.

J:These are the kind of guys I like having on the show. It was an absolute pleasure hearing all about these amazing things you have in the works. It was awesome to have both Tucker and Elliot together.

They are truly a dynamic duo and I think they played off of each other really well. I specifically loved how it sounds like that the two of them along with Cole never specifically outlined that they were just going to go above and beyond to help people to do the right thing, to really become invested in their businesses in their success.