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Brandon walks us through advanced retirement account strategies you may have heard of, such as the Backdoor Roth, Roth Conversion Ladder, and the coveted Mega Backdoor Roth. While this can be answered a handful of ways, it often overlooks something very important: regular retirement. Mindy:Welcome to the BiggerPockets Money Podcast, Show Number 161, where we interview the Mad Fientist and talk about Roth IRAs, backdoor Roth IRAs, mega-backdoor Roth IRAs and Roth conversion ladders. Just think of all these different buckets and when one fills up, then you move to the next bucket and you can keep filling that up and move to the next bucket. My name Mindy Jensen and with me, as always, is my Costco-loving cohost, Scott Trench. Mindy:Scott and I are here to make financial independence less scary, less just for somebody else. Mindy:Scott, today we are bringing back Brandon, the Mad Fientist, for the third time.

Mindy:Brandon, the Mad Fientist, welcome back to the BiggerPockets Money Podcast. You first joined us on Episode 18, where we talked about accessing retirement funds early small dollar loan banks based on your amazing article called How To Access Retirement Funds Early.

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You joined us again in early 2020 when the stock market crashed, for Episode 119, where we talked about staying the course. And today, I want to talk about specifically the Roth IRA, the Roth conversion ladder, the backdoor Roth, the mega-backdoor Roth, all the things that help early retirees on their path to being able to fund their retirement. Even if you plan to retire early, you still need money to live on in your sixties, seventies and beyond, so why not pay for those years with tax-deferred or potentially tax-free money?

Early retirement contains standard retirement, so, yeah, you might as well utilize all the things that are so good for standard retirement, even if you are retiring early.

So, today, the point of today is to talk about how to use your 401(k), specifically today, and how to set up a strategy that will allow you to retrieve that money both in normal retirement and in early retirement, a strategy that involves the backdoor Roth IRA and variants of next payday loans that that I think you are the master of or the Mad Fientist behind the operations of. Scott:And then, if you agree with that, could we maybe launch into some very basic definitions, 101, for people who are brand new to the concept of retirement accounts in general? So, I posted this question or I made an announcement that we were bringing on a Roth IRA, backdoor Roth, Roth conversion ladder expert, to the show, and people asked some questions.

The definitions and difference and then what is beneficial for people at different parts of the journey, getting out of debt but wanting to best next day loans ma start simple. Early… Building wealth without debt and older but debt-free and has less time before retirement. What is a Roth IRA and how is that different from a traditional IRA?

But then you get that back as a deduction when you file your taxes.

But effectively, it just means tax-free going in, tax-deferred growth and then tax coming out. So in this case, I would be arbitraging a high tax bracket now by deferring some of that, those taxes, and then paying them later on in the future. Okay, so… So, when we get into the Roth conversion or the Roth conversion ladder, can you kind of introduce that concept and why you like it and what advantages it has?

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This is a good follow-on from what you had just said because people who pursue early retirement tend to have higher than average incomes. Brandon:So, when you quit your high-paying job and your tax bracket drops, you can then start rolling it over, the traditional IRA money, into a Roth IRA. First, I want to point out this is a… I think, a tactic, in the path to retirement and it really is maximized in that specific instance. Well, just to give you an example like how plans sometimes change.

So, I was full on-board with this because for me, it was like, I just wanted to get to that number as soon as I could and this allowed me to really juice my investments because I was paying a lot less tax and I was investing the difference and it allowed me to, yeah, hit my goal a lot sooner, which was the whole point for me at that time. And then, ironically, after leaving work, then some of the businesses that I had been building for the last 10 years while I was working, they started earning money. So, if I know what I know now, going back, I probably should have done more Roth and you just never know the future. Brandon:So, I… My thinking was like, maximize for today, take all the benefits that are available to me and lower my taxes as much as legally possible and then worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. You just would pay taxes that would make the shift uneconomical, right?

Because you had… You have a high income tax bracket because your businesses are successful in early retirement as the owner of those businesses. So, it is possible that in one year, at some point you have a large amount of losses. Scott:So, I think it still makes sense to position yourself for this, even if you have this luxury problem of having more income than you planned for in early retirement. All these people who complain about having a big tax bill. Mindy:Okay, so, a question I get a lot is can I contribute to my 401(k) at work and also contribute to a Roth IRA? How does somebody who might not make enough income to max out their 401(k), their traditional 401(k), and also max out the Roth IRA? But at best next day loans ma what point do you contribute to which account? Mindy:Yeah, I want to jump in and say au contraire, Mon Frere.

So the HSA is definitely something that you want to look into if you have the opportunity you need a high deductible healthcare plan, and you need to not be chronically ill with a lot of medical bills. Brandon:Yeah, best next day loans ma but when I was in my career, I looked into the various plans that were offered onto me, and I know it completely differs across the country what is the current interest rate for unsecured loans and across employers, but the out-of-pocket maximum for the high deductible plan was pretty similar to the fancy expensive plan. Scott:You know, Mindy and I have an interesting thing around this. So BiggerPockets has a pretty good healthcare plan, and- Mindy:No, BiggerPockets has an unbelievable health care plan. So you have very low copays, very low out of pocket max, those types of things. So capitalize your life so you can take advantage of these types of things, and then I got to make my shift over to HSA plan.

Scott:When I withdraw early from my 401k, I incur not only taxes that I have to pay, but also a penalty in most cases.

Am I able to just withdraw penalty free from my HSA? If you have a health expense to match it up with that you paid post setting up the HSA. Talk to your HR person, talk to your insurance provider to get specifics for your plan, but at BiggerPockets, I have the HSA, I have the high deductible plan, so I best next day loans ma am not eligible for the FSA except for vision and dental. They just send it to me in my checking account, which is a nice little boost right before Christmas. And then once you hit a certain age, you can start withdrawing that money even without the associated medical bills. But start saving receipts and start taking pictures, and do you have any suggestions for where to keep these receipts or these pictures? But yeah, as long as you keep it somewhere safe that you can access and then you can present to the IRS if they ask, then I think it will be good to go well.