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I believe I personal loans with no credit check or employment verification have priced it fairly based on the unit,...

Looking for recommendations for contractors to help with a basement remodel. Looking to redo drywall, flooring, changing some light fixtures, and redo bathroom and paint.

Hello,I have an unmetered rental property in Chicago and my water bill is ridiculous. I am from the Milwaukee area and have interest in investing Multifamily properties in South Shore, Hyde Park, and Woodlawn areas.

In past I have done this successfully with a old water bill but now the zoning office is not accepting DOW as a form of legalization. Hi there, I am working with a friend on a FSBO, I may buy that house. Are you still showing occupied rentals or have you gone full virtual? I have 10 conventional mortgages mostly in Chicago. Can anyone recommend any local Chicagoland banks or lenders that will work with out-of-state residents in situations such as this? I recently purchased a property in Cook County that has a section 8 tenant, which is a first for me. Hello everyone, new investor here and was wondering if anyone has some advice for house hacking in Chicago IL or surrounding suburbs,cities ( Berwyn, Cicero, forest park, brighton park etc.. I recently purchased a 4 units residential on 18th street.

And the basement (two separate entrances) is identical to the units...

On January 15th my tenant with a (double lung transplant) decided to smoke in bed leading to burning my entire 4 unit building making it uninhabitable. I have insurance and have secured a public adjuster.

Does any one know about how much it cost to connect the utilities to a new construction home or small multifamily in Chicago. Hi there, Any close estimate will be appreciated it. Assume a 3 level unit, 4 bed, 3 bad, level 1 and 2, 1,000 sf. What apply loan online no credit bad credit loans should I assume to have the place emptied by a junk collector? I thought I would post some of the numbers for Flips. Some data that is missing her is the off market sales... Good morning,Was wondering if anyone here is a carpenter? Hey everyone - I have a tenant moving out of my Batavia rental property and the cleaner I used last year is no longer in business.

Does anyone have any recommendations to pass along? I am trying to get a better understanding of owning properties in Naperville, Plainfield and Aurora, IL. If you own properties in discover car repair loan these towns, please let me know the following for each towns:- do i need rental license?... Does anyone have a recommendation for a great real estate focused CPA in the fox valley area? Can anyone tell me what the CAP rate is on properties in the area? However, I see the school districts are not the best, and that has been scaring me away. Anyone notice that you must submit ALL Aurora, IL landlord addendums to Property Standards at time of registration and at the inspection of rental property?

This is a new change from Property Standards adding... I see there are 2-3 properties over there someone is clearly renting to students.

I am looking to purchase a small multi-family property in Naperville, Aurora, Oswego, or Montgomery in order to househack. I have a property in Oswego, IL on which the gas meter has been removed. The gas company (NiCor) has told me that it may take 2 weeks to apply loan online assess the job and then an additional 4 weeks to get the work done. You have access to MLS yourself, training apply loan online regarding... Does anyone have recommendations for contractors in Evansville, IN a... Hi All, I used to live in Evansville and have a majority of my rentals up in Fort Wayne, but looking to add in Evansville. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good property manager or an investor friendly real... Hello everyone, My name is Lance Woolverton and I am a real estate investor living in Owensboro and working in Evansville. I currently am focused on buy and hold investing and flipping for additional capital. I found two nice rental properties in Evansville, IN, south from the University of Evansville. Hi, we are considering investing in Evansville In and the greater Vanderburgh County area and would love some input on the market from any local investors.

Also, any referrals for agents, management, attorneys, and... The BiggerPockets family in Evansville continues to grow and grow. It looks like December 9-15 may be the best week before the end of the year.

I was wondering if any of the forum members could recommend contractors they tried and whose work they liked.

I currently invest in a few apply loan online properties in different areas of the country. While I am rebuilding my credit, I came across an off market house from a friend. The certificate is for a 5 acre lot of land in Evansville, IN, specifically... He wants online personal loans for bad credit to get out of the market and is having difficulties working... Hi guysSince my local market started getting expensive so I started to look for opportunities out of state, mainly in mid-west. I was looking through southern Indiana on Zillow and then Evansville came on my radar...

Found this forum while watching tons of videos on you youtube. A little bit about myself:Roughly 7 years ago I became a contractor focusing on working for investors and property managers in the evansville area. Hello, I am new to the real estate investing game and have been looking around different payday loans benefits accepted areas within about a 2 hour radius from where I currently reside. While looking around I came across several cash flowing multi...

I recently purchased a home and was in the process of getting it insured.

State farm just reached back out and said due to the roofing on the back side of the house (it cash advance loans in the bronx ny was... To clarify "on purpose" I bought a home in Fort Branch and lived there 4 years and then sold it for a pretty... I recently switched careers from the commercial construction industry here in Evansville to being a licensed realtor.

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I have 5 years of experience in construction estimating and project management. I just closed on my first rental property two day ago and just wanted to share how I got to that point.

I have been studying and listening for couple years and finally motivated myself to dive in and take action.

I wanted to pass along some apply loan online important info I ran across a couple of days ago. It appears that there will be a change to flood zones in Evansville and Vanderburgh County.

Hi all,Would anyone be interested in a meet up in the Evansville area? I am a real estate investor, long time BP contributor, and I make the BiggerPockets YouTube show "Meet the Investor".

I am traveling to Indianapolis in mid-February to produce 10... Hi BP entrepreneurs,I am a OOS investor looking how do you deduct cash advance with intuit quick book payroll to build a portfolio (Multi family and BRRRR) and a team in Indianapolis targeting Noblesville, Greenwood, Lawrence township, Franklin township, Perry township would like... I would love payday advance loans augusta georgia to hear different perspectives and thoughts on why people are investing in Indianapolis. I have read countless articles, wrote a few blogs, completed some market research, and joined different groups to... The data below is from the MIBOR Realtor Association for Marion County, IN. It shows median home prices in Indianapolis were up 18. Hello BP, My name is Benjamin and I am a novice looking to get into real estate investing.

The reason for this post is I am looking for feedback on a potential deal I am looking at in the Indianapolis area,... My name is Cullen and I will be graduating with my 4 year stafford loan to pay rent nursing degree in July.

I will also be pursuing my real estate license in the very near future.

Hi Everyone, I will be graduating in May and moving to Indianapolis to work for a Real Estate Developer.

Hi my name is Jed Robbins owner of JRC REMODELING LLC. I am moving to Indianapolis in the spring, and would love to start forming my team to get the ball rolling on my journey. I am a 21 year old graduating from Syracuse University this spring, and will be working... Hello BP, My name is Benjamin and I am a novice looking to get into real estate investing.

The reason for this post is I am check cash advance looking for feedback on a potential deal I am looking at in the Indianapolis area,... With a history of home rehab and resale to consumers on the... Does anyone have recommendations for a quality roofer in the Indy area?

We are interested in refinancing our house hack (duplex). I am new to the Indianapolis area so if any of you would like to... Is there a calculator or an app that when I locate a investment home to buy I can plug in ALL the pertinent numbers to tell me exactly what my COC and passive income will be? There seems to be opportunity to my remote, untrained eye. To see what Imight be missing, I would like to see if people here have any PM...

What steps are you taking to protect your properties during the freezing temps? The wind getting into the crawl spaces and freezing...

To start my selection process, I had done a review and followed some of the posts of the staff of Bildwise.

I interviewed them as well as some other contractors before... Got 2 properties under contract (in Carmel and Fishers (yay!

My wife and I started our real estate journey recently in the Indy market. We have our first property under contract and are looking at property management companies. In general, I am looking to make some contacts in the Des Moines market, so I would love to connect with any investors and agents there. Specifically, I am an owner of a hard money lending business in the Omaha area,... Searching for an agent here in Des Moines with expertise in marketing to investors. We have a SFR for sale in the Grandview University area. I envision its a good deal for an investor as it... Hello fast payday loans direct lender everyone, looking to purchase a single family residence around Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines. It is 3bed 1bath property and BP insights is showing... Hello Everyone,Could anyone refer me to a drywall contractor in Des Moines? I need roughly 700SF sheetrocked, 1300SF textured, 1600SF painted. I am an active duty Soldier and have been in for close to 14 years. The only real estate experience I have is when I bought my first home in... My names is Hakeem Valles, I am a recently retired NFL player and just settled my family down in St Louis.

Last week I went under contract on a seller financed 7-unit in Des Moines. Are there any recommendations for local Des Moines, IA commercial lenders? Anyone here have recommendations for a general contractor in the Des Moines, Iowa area? Trying to have a long-term fix for a flooding issue in a finished basement. If they are, they are flaky or not very professional.

I welcome your suggestions for somebody that is the right mix of reasonably priced... If they are, they are flaky or not very professional. I welcome your suggestions for somebody that is the right mix of reasonably priced...

I rented my home out payday loan stores near me to my tenants with a 6 month lease that became a month to month as the lease ended.

The lease stated no visitors for over 2 weeks and no subleases. Cap rates look great, crime is low, and the city itself seems to be booming as of late.

Looking for a reputable, affordable plumber in the Greater Des Moines apply loan online area. My family and I are planning to move up there in the next month to 5-6 weeks or so. Hi Guys,I was just given a job offer to move to Des Moines and accepted it. Waiting on the background check to wrap up, and hope to start in mid-late January. I have two single family rentals here in Houston, and would...