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Ed Mylett:I have buddies of mine that go into the bathroom and to be taking a poop so they can get away from their family and kids for 30 minutes. I was a little grumpy, little quiet, little distracted, little bit aloof almost even with my own family. He was gone at five and came back when it was dark out every single day.

The second thing is I happened to have a wife who I met in kindergarten.

I got enough juice and ambition and drive for 700 people.

I got two and a half minutes before the next time out in a basketball game. And you need to pair yourself with a marathon person. And by the way, not to be really corny, but I do catch her with her pants down a lot. Ed Mylett:These are important things that are never talked about on podcasts. Yeah, make sure you catch each other with your pants down to enough. David Greene:So the point of you being a generous man, Ed thank you for saving me for using a terrible analogy when I was talking about… I owe you one brother, go ahead, Brandon.

Well we got to start wrapping this thing up because I know we got to get out of here. This is the part of the show where we ask the same four questions to every guest every week.

I think, not to be long-winded but to be great at real estate, you have to have a passion for putting the deals together. Not just the math, not just the numbers, but some passion to put a deal together. If you know a lot of the clients that I work with, a lot of them are comedians. I just adore brilliant people who can get up and walk to a microphone and create laughter in a room. Probably my favorite guy though, is Dave Chappelle. And I love people that make you think that are different. Many of these guys went… Frank Caliendo is an impressionist. I account now loanaccount now loans s get birthday wishes from Al Pacino and John Maden.

So I love to watch them start to work on a bit a year and a half before they actually refine it on stage. He comes out, and by the way, only half the audience probably knows who I am, right? He did not care he was going to do that show is me. If you had to narrow it down to one thing, successful people from those who give up or they fail or they never get started? With enough failure, enough rejection, or even enough success, their will to continue to win, can be purchased for a price. I believe he introduces you to the dude you could have been.

And he talked to this man like that for 30 minutes and saved him, put the oxygen back in.

He was just constantly being the man he was capable of becoming up until his literally his last breaths, no joke. And that was our talk with our talk with Ed Mylett. His whole journey started by going to an event where they were teaching to buy real estate with no and low money down.

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David Greene:I would think the most important thing we talked about, well, there was a lot of them, but in my opinion would be the standards concept. But what you are really doing is forcing them to develop a standard of analyzing a hundred deals account now loans before they even write an offer. My standard is I want to be somebody who works out every taking out loans to pay rent day. So then I set a goal of working out 300 times last year, which I hit. Number one is really being a person who just takes care of their body about what they eat. I think that this is where he getting that standard.

When his daughter comes in the room and he looks down at his phone. David Greene:I love how intentional you are about that. It was not your identity as a young person to work out.

Working out is much easier for me, eating what good is very hard, I would say for me. Brandon Turner:Because this stuff, if you apply this, this stuff he talked about today will make you successful. Now, before we get out of here today, Like I said, I want to play that clip from the GoBundance, I think payday loans baton rouge it was winter event last year. I think it was where it was from last January, I believe. My wife and I met when we were five and four years old. And then ultimately I moved back to that same town, my mom and dad, her mom and dad, all three of my sisters, all her sisters, eight of them all live in this town.

My son, probably there should be a DNA test, right? Ed Mylett:So when he would play baseball, he need a cash loan now went left either righty, left either righty.

This poor kid has done more of these on fly balls and got hit in the face. And when I moved to Palm Desert area, a lot of professional golfers live out there. This is at a golf tournament at the Madison club we were at and my son is this kid. And my son kind of had used clubs and I was his golf coach with no lessons. An so we would play in these tournaments every week and I loved it because I would caddy. And at that tournament, there was a tee box over there. And the tee box is like several hundred yards away. And I go grab the sandwiches and I watch him walking with his little golf bag like Max always walked. So he hits this eight iron about 20 feet left of the pin. Shoulders are back, walking strong, 18 hits his drive down the middle, all three boys due. MaxOut, stupid me over here, is telling him what to do all day. We get to the green and I kind of do a little bit of what the other dad says. My son stopped playing golf and decided to win payday advance loans knoxville tn at golf. You got to get intentional with your family about winning. You got to get intentional about winning where the aberration is when you lose.

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A little bit more focused, a little bit more serious about your whole damn life. The level is getting really damn serious account now loans about winning. Hope you guys enjoyed that speech, and hope you enjoyed our interview with Ed Mylett. Brandon and I are going to get out of here and we will see you guys next week. This is David Greene for Brandon, the halfway vegan Turner signing off. Be sure to join the millions of others who have benefited from biggerpockets. Help us reach new listeners on iTunes by leaving us a rating and review! It takes just 30 seconds and instructions can be found here. RentRedi provides you with a hassle-free way to collect rent. Are you interested in investing in out-of-state properties that safely?

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One of the biggest factors affecting the approval of a traditional loan is your credit history and income.

However, a great credit score and a lot of income is not always guaranteed an approval and the overall process can sometimes take a long time. Hard money lenders utilize a different approach by lending funds based on collateral and therefore, the lender places less emphasison credit history. Hard money loans are account now loans not for everyone, but there are several situations where these loans make sense. There are different instances when a real estate investor will be more likely to use a hard money loan versus a traditional loan.

Real estate investors might find themselves using a hard money loan in the following instances.

Create a Real Estate Agent, Investment, or Hard Money company account now loans to upgrade to Premium and get all the benefits that come with it! Create a Real Estate Agent, Investment, or Hard Money company to upgrade to Premium and get all the benefits that come with it! Scott McGillivray is back for this second part of his amazing interview. He took dance classes, convinced his friends to join him, and sold out some shows, but the takeaway from this short-lived boy band was priceless.

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If you see someone else finding success with something, use their blazed trail to find success yourself. From his boy band, to being on student council, and even the passing away of a loved one, Scott learned valuable lessons that he took with him for the rest of his life, and now gets to share with the BiggerPockets audience. Scott goes on to share a story that made him pivot the direction of his life as a teenager, and lead him to become the real estate mogul he is today. Scott goes through his top pieces of advice for young people and proves how planting seeds for investments early leads to acres upon acres of residual fruits for decades to come. Stay tuned, and be sure to bad credit secured personal loans join the millions of others who have benefited from biggerpockets. The seller actually decided not to move forward because they lost the 1031 they were going after, so I almost had three, but I got two, and they were the two that I liked the most. Thank you for being the vanguard that got out there and brought the rest of us. It was probably my favorite show of all time, and it teaches people how to house account now loans hack essentially.

Brandon:Scott came on Thursday, and it was a phenomenal show. This is how he got the right mental attitude, and the right fortitude, and the right persistence to reinvent himself over and over. He talks about the meetings he had with some 80-year-olds at a restaurant that changes his life. In this show we talk a lot about leadership, and ownership, and how to get your team to take more ownership. Brandon:Big thanks for responses, easy loan company as always, and now I think this is a long enough introduction. A few weeks ago on the show, I think it came out already, David and I recorded an episode where we talked about some of these mindset shifts that people need to have to become a millionaire.

Brandon:All right, Scott, welcome back to The Bigger Pockets Podcast, man. I want to unpack who Scott is inside that head, and this might be tragic, it might be a lot of fun. I got into real estate investing when I was in college as a matter of necessity really. I put a down payment on a property, rented out all the rooms to my friends, was able to basically live there free based on renting out the other rooms. I loved the business model so much I continued to push and extend my student loan, and take equity from properties, and built up a portfolio of rentals, and then within several years of building a portfolio I got to opportunity to be on a TV show, which turned into Income Property.