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Currently own one single family rental near the University of Kansas and am beginning to look for my second deal (preferably multi-family).

Jackson County Missouri tax assessments went out and some property owners saw huge increases - were talking CRAZY HUGE SPIKES for some. The deadline to appeal 3 month payday loans no credit check was June 24th, but it may not be too late as it seems... I am an out of state investor, just about to get my first SFH :)I would greatly appreciate PM recommendation. The 2 most important things to me are trustworthiness and great service experience working with... Some are saying Kansas has better returns (cash on cash and cash flow). Is there anybody here that invests or analyze both Indianapolis and Kansas market that can... Just started my inspection period for a SFH in Raytown (my first time! I am in Michigan in the metro Detroit, Ann Arbor area looking for contacts that are willing to share knowledge and give... I grew up in Grand Rapids and Grand Haven until I graduated from GVSU in 2018 and moved to small loan to pay bills Scottsdale, AZ for 2 years. I am now back in Michigan, and bought a house in North Muskegon.

Looking for opportunities in Detroit area or Grand Rapids for Wholesale or Long term rentals. Can anyone suggest best areas to start looking, and what to look for? Muskegon looks to be turning things around over the last several years with some interesting new economic development plans in the works. Anyone investing in Muskegon willing to share their experiences regarding tenant... A non-US citizen friend is interested to partner with me to purchase a rental property in the Detroit metropolitan area.

I just got started in real estate investing a few months ago.

I live get loan with bad credit in Holt, MI just by Lansing, Michigan so investors in the area are... My husband and I are educating ourselves and wanting to get started in real estate investing. Hi all,I am currently invested in Grand Rapids, but exploring a few other areas of Michigan.

I have targeted Kalamazoo, and would love to speak with a local agent who has good experience with the investment landscape....

Hi everyone,Anyone who regularly invests in Michigan please message me. Looking to build relationships with like minded people and expand my network of investors. Whether your in my area in south east Michigan or not...

Specifically the downriver areas (Wyandotte, Lincoln Park, Taylor, etc).

Been tracking zip codes closely since COVID hit and have how to use a loan to pay rent noticed a huge divergence in listing activity in St Clair Shores. People are starting to dump properties there how do easy loans compute interest for some reason. I recently expanded my investing footprint to include Muskegon, MI. Just curious if anyone has invested in short term rentals in cities like South Haven, Saugatuck, Pentwater, etc. I have two vacant lots in Jackson County area and one in the Schoolcraft County. Looking for someone to help manage these properties.

Does anyone know if title companies in Michigan are required to register with the counties they operate in? If so, there must be a list somewhere of each active title company by county.

Can any of the Michigan investors recommend a reliable property manager in Saginaw, Bay City or Midland? Also, are there any PMs that you would not recommend? Hi All,I am working on using OPM to invest in my first guaranteed credit approval properties and I am finding a lawyer that knows the laws in Michigan to help me develop a contract or LLC agreement with the investor so we can do deals together.... We are a young couple looking to begin building our portfolio with student rentals in great markets in Missouri.

Do you implement Holding Deposits for your properties? If so, what are best practices for implementing in the State of MO? Hi bp community, Looking for recommendations on a contractor in Kansas city.

I am trying to gauge the interest in forming a REI in the area. Louis next week in hopes to find my first out of state rental. I have narrowed down a few places to invest based on my budget, rental potential, appreciation, and vacancy. I am looking for a good quality tax strategist that will engage in a quality discussion about real-estate investing and proper tax strategies. This will be an out of state investment for me and I wanted to get more information on several neighborhoods.

My Agent has a working relationship with Steve at SRB construction.

Has anyone here know and or worked with him before? Hello family, If your investing in the Missouri can you help me with identifying the better places to invest and the returns you are getting in those markets? The main motivation to use the MLS for comps while wholesaling. I would love to use this opportunity to learn more about the rehab process.

I currently have 3 SFH properties that are held within a series LLC (each one in its own series) in the suburbs of the KC, MO area. We have been working with a local commercial bank for these 3 homes that... Hey, can anyone recommend someone for basic lawn and yard care in Springfield, Missouri? Hi Everyone, I am looking for a good lawyer to go over some landlording basics with. I am finally jumping in the pool and will be self-managing a 4plex while living in it starting in June. They must responsive, punctual, clearly lay it fees, communicate with me if something goes wrong with collecting loans for bad credit history rent and their solutions, laying out...

The park is situated with submetered water which we bill back to each resident along with a sewer charge. I want to connect with other STL women who do what I do! We are on 3 acres at the top of a steep hill like mountain goat terrain. Today our neighbor at the bottom of the hill called... I have been looking to expand my portfolio around my area and it just check cashing payday loans isnt working so i have started looking into other areas.

My company has just started working in St louis so i have started looking around that area... Hello bad credit loan companies fellow BPsWhat are your thoughts on investing in rental units in the MN? Is it wise to go into this market with the current situation... My long-term renter of 12 years is moving Jan 31st. I am currently looking for a small bank or credit union in the Northwest Minneapolis area (Coon Rapids, Champlin, Plymouth Area) to open a business account with. I purchased this property in 2011 from a bank as a foreclosure. I lived in it for a couple 3 month payday loans no credit check of years and then rented it for the last 5. Did anyone else see this article in 3 month payday loans no credit check the Strib today? Hi, what would be the requirements if I wanted to have my father (3 month payday loans no credit check non-owner) manage a property (SFR) for me in MN? Hi,I was wondering if I could get some advice on Eminent Domain. I bought my house in Inver Grove in 1998 along 70th street.

Dakota county sent notice about possible eminent domain to my family and 3 others.

Hi everyone, my name is Rex and I am about to close on my first rental property in a week. I was wondering if anyone had insurance company suggestions for my home.

This is my first time needing to hire this out, so please forgive my naive questions. But have been following and consuming content from the youtube channel for a while. We are considering buying a vacation rental on the lake (focusing on Grand Marais but anywhere down to Duluth) that will become payday loans in chicago our primary residence in the next 10 years when we retire.

Any lenders out there doing FHA 203k in the twin cities area at the moment? I understand the down sides and am not dead set on using it, but...

Any referrals for a Handyman that will service South Minneapolis? Hey guys,For the last few months I have had this burning passion to get into real estate. I have bought a few books and listen to podcasts every day. I have always dreamed of owning real estate but for some reason was...

My business partner and I plan to start a small home renovation business on the side.

The reason the idea came up was the fact that we are both interested in real estate investing and believe building handyman skills... Currently renovating a SFR in Minneapolis and looking for investor-friendly contractors to work with.

A little background: I received my bachelor of science in Biological Systems Engineering from the...

My parents recently purchased a condo in Hastings, NE that are needing some renovations, specifically some interior painting and replacing some... Hi BP family,Throwing up the bat signal - need some advice!

I am new to Omaha and just starting to invest in rentals.

I am looking to build my network of local experts and I am in search of recommendations for... Hi guys,I have been researching wholesaling real estate for a while but direct lenders personal loans am having trouble getting my foot in the door.

I want to make sure i have the right contracts to do assignments and such in the state of nebraska,... I am currently looking to sell a Lease option in Omaha? Went to zillow but where do people in Omaha look to buy quick money online homes? Close to finishing a deal that will involve my partner and I taking over a mortgage that is through Cornhusker Bank.

With the recent mass melt off, ground saturation, and flooding, I am sure a lot of you guys are getting calls from your tenants about flooding basements.