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This would be my first BRRRR that I have ever done so I just want to make sure that I understand how to estimate the ARV on this.... Each Week, BiggerPockets Podcasts Help Thousands of Listeners Learn How to Manage Money and Invest in Real Estate Without Large Upfront Costs How This Teacher Landed Interviews With Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, and Hal Elrod. And Built a Multi-Million-Dollar-Company Along The Way.

Investing in real estate during a recession makes 2 month loan many people feel like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. We recently 2 month loan purchased a 16 plex broken into two 8 plex buildings, completely full with tenants. One of the buildings has an infestation of roaches and we believe it has spread to the other building as well. Hi all,Two questions here:1) What are some of the financial efficiencies you achieve when you get to scale in rental properties (e.

Hi All,Am getting ready to own some 40 rental units in Chicago, in a couple of south side locations. I have been fixing up and renting out (BRRR) small 1-4 units in the past few years, accumulating some capital, and gaining management experience, which I would like to use now to upscale my business to a... I have reached a point where I am ready to payday loans minnesota invest in my first property.

Hi Bigger Pockets,My wife and I manage some university apartments and a triplex.

We just took over the management for these family-owned properties and in the past, all of the lease agreements were physically signed....

I would like to hear from all of the real estate investors with syndication experience. What was your biggest lesson learned in closing your first REI syndication deal. The cashflow potential of midwest multi-family properties appears far... Hi there, we are currently doing a lot of SFR investments but want to get into bad credit no guarantor loans the Multi-family space. I am curious the best way to money now usa analyze the properties as far as comparables and evaluating the refinancing once the... Anyone heard of any syndicators to stay away from, or who have had to make significant or repeated capital calls, or...

Hello All,What are some of the strategies you have used to lease out large amount of multi family units. We are growing a lot this year and should have about 80 units up for rent around the same time frame. I invest in college rentals and am looking to grow my portfolio.

My partners and I currently own 2 2-Families and 3 Single families in our market with goals to reach 35 properties in 5 years.

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Anyone have any good reccomendations on books or training on Real Estate Syndication. Its an interesting subject and want to learn more about it. Say I want to start "XYZ Capital LLC", clearly this LLC does not hold... The real estate investing discussion forums, marketplace, and social network at BiggerPockets. By participating in BiggerPockets forums, marketplace, and social networks, you agree to follow the community rules and regulations outlined below.

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