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Hello, I found this thread when I did a search for Bob Diamond after receiving an email referring to him, (which I will paste below). I also want to respond to Don above, who obviously knows something about this business, but not all of his points are valid.

First off, here is the email I received recently which brought me to this page: "I just purchased your online download. I really wish I had found out 100 approval loans about your site, before I spent money on Bob Diamonds course, that let me with so many questions.

I truly gave so much value on your site alone, which made me purchase the download. I guess the one good thing is that I found your course. That email was just based on the content of the website. If you take a look at it, you will see it is packed with information. It sounds like there is more free information o the site than there is in the other package she purchased. Yes, it is true, you have to treat this like a legitimate business and you have to have the skills to do it. However: "(1) they imply this is somehow related to real estate investing it is not"We specifically state that this is only for State unclaimed funds. In our Guide, one of the sections concerns starting up your own business and working from home. It covers such details as registering your business, opening a bank account, and printing stationary. We also provide all of the letters that we send out as well with blank spaces to put your information in. If you look on the testimonials on the site they are legitimate. Even if you send out one letter a day, that is five a week, twenty per month. I never run into someone saying they have already been contacted.

When I first started out as a third party tracer for HUD 100 approval loans many years ago I did, but the states have millions of accounts and hardly anyone doing this. Just go to Ohio or Pennsylvania unclaimed states websites and you can see the list of finders there.

Compared to the numbers of accounts available, forget about it! The successful ones operate on a relatively large scale, often nationwide, and act as finder for many types of unclaimed funds, not solely tax overages.

I say hopefully because many of these payments are reduced or altogether eliminated by any amounts owed by the beneficiary to other government agencies, such as income taxes, loans, etc. Bottom line is that this is a business, requiring all the skills and assets and expenses necessary for all businesses. Additionally, this industry is state regulated, by the state in which the property is located. This is the same over hyped, over promoted, over promised, under performing opportunity as note broker, house wholesaler, etc. I gave this a cash advance mobile try as i had a Joe Kaiser student who i had done some fix and flip funding for and he talked me into it.. I provided them office space telephones and the absolute necessity of having lexus how to get rid of loans fast nexus.. I can see how a few individuals could stumble into deals. Anyway, I wanted to make it clear I was referring to state poor credit loans through equifax unclaimed funds, which is very easy, and you can do it part time, not the tax overages that was the original topic of discussion. And as you say, your product is NOT real estate related. So, why are you posting a non real estate business opportunity on a real estate website?

One I bought that house and 2 I attended each day of the sale and recorded how much each sold for. Also in Missouri you only have 2 years to recover the money before the state keeps it. The process ones you file you get on a court docket which can be from 2 to 4 months out and then if all goes well you get a check about 30 days later FYI I figured this out on my own after a friends house was sold after it had been foreclosed by the bank and she got a card sent to her and she passed 100 approval loans it along to me. I got the course while waiting for my deed to be recorded. After researching what seemed like all of the states. A shotgun styled duplex might do the job, a little less than 900 per unit.

But my point of concern with buying a lot and building my own how to find the best home repair loan duplex is how to make it cash flow on par with the units I purchase and rehab.

Need a cash loan

And I cannot see getting the lot in a desirable location and new fixed rate personal loan building for that price yet I can could buy existing and rehab for that and less. The way that it works out on my pro forma is that I have to attract a great tenant and have some maintenance free years at the beginning to build up a capital reserve.

Thanks guys, but it looks like the bad credit loans charlotte nc land is too costly for a duplex. Time to make way for the four-plex (or two duplexes really). Most of the contractors on google are the very professional but expensive re modelers and custom home builders.

Even though I am in Wilmington I might be able to help you out. The time line is the best because you can get the construction done and ready to rent in 45 to 65 days! I keep getting told not to do it but the savings are hard to ignore. Your numbers are pretty close to what it would cost in my area.

I am a builder and have run the numbers over and over for years. I can always do better buying existing and remodeling them. Even with all the advantages of being loan on line a builder, drawing the plans, in-house crews, connections with subs, etc. You can find real estate deals that are deeply discounted with some hustle. However bricks, sticks, and labor are not likely to be discounted the same way. It really undermines the reputation of a true quality modular build. On a personal note, I put up a modular and I loved it!! I might become a minor partner for a fourplex project in Optimist Park. A more experienced developer is finally building missing middle in the area.

My way to finally dip my toe into land development. From what my pro formas suggest and talking to another developer once, land values have to be pretty low for a duplex to work. There is a modular construction company that has a factory not far from Charlotte. If their reputation holds up, and if they can save construction costs, might be a way to get these projects to pencil in. Unfortunately just this morning we what is the amount limit on unsecured loans came to the decision to go another route.

Though I found a pretty good builder from what I can tell, the overall costs are just way too high to sustain a duplex build and 100 approval loans come away with anything in the black... But I may be interested in your syndicated deal, or future deals of that type.

I acquired a great piece of land in a great up and coming area with road frontage on 2 payday loans kelowna roads.

I acquired a great piece of land in a great up and coming area with road frontage on 2 roads. We are in florida and I would not build modular here.. But, we are in beginning process of payday loans louisville ky getting numbers. It has to make financial sense I have 3 parcels in Miami zoned for building one Fourplex and 2 Duplexes. Which type of zoning is needed to build duplex or quad? I would love to direct loans for bad credit make this my first investment house hack a new build. Basically build a duplex, triplex, or fourplex whatever I can afford and live in one.

I am willing to go anywhere in the US which makes the investment work. Is Kris Krohn legit or another guru just scamming people out of their money, giving them false hope? You can find plenty of people willing to share information for free. We connected with the gentleman who spoke and using some of the things he spoke about we made a lot of money. Gurus can help but ultimately it comes down to how motivated you are. We spent about a year spinning our wheels, and then it snowballed. Come on BP, surely we 100 approval loans can provide quality feedback on this :) These questions are simple. I found a mentor and she is going to expose me to her network. I was wondering about Kris Krohn and his team and figuring out how to start investing and would love some insight, a team in place who can help me. They can give you information but it is what you do with it that matters. If anyone goes to a "guro" looking for a mentor you talk about them and if anyone goes on BP looking you talk about them.